New Town Plan will Shift Duties, Benefit Taxpayers

Acting Town Manager Bill Hart directed a letter to Town Council Chairman John Farrell outlining a plan to shift the Building Department to the Office of the Town Manager, allowing for Andre Garron, currently the Community Development Director to fully direct his attention to Planning & Economic Development.

While the plan will benefit taxpayers by slightly reducing the pay for the position of Director of Planning and Economic Development from $99,842.31 base pay to $93,293.74, the primary goal is two-fold: setting goals for economic development in Londonderry, and streamlining the focus of The Office of Planning and Economic Development.

“This will streamline the operation of Town government overall, with both short term and long term benefit to Londonderry taxpayers,” said Hart. “The current office holders will all otherwise continue their respective duties. These actions will have no impact on their status as members of their respective bargaining units.”

For key points from the letter from Acting Town Manager Hart to Town Council Chair Farrell, click Read More.

As a function of this re-organization, Director of Planning & Economic Development shall be given the following action plan:

  • Develop a comprehensive detailed plan to grow the commercial/industrial revenue base for the Town of Londonderry.

Target Date: December 31, 2012.

  • Continue and refine the department’s community outreach to current businesses as part of its Business Retention and Expansion plan.

Target Date: November 30, 2012.

  • Staff, working with other Department Heads such as Finance & Public Works should complete on an annual basis a comprehensive review and evaluation of all relevant ordinances, consistent with the recommendations of the master plan, with recommendations for amending changing and clarifying Town of Londonderry ordinances.  Staff, with other Town officials should develop an annualized review process for all impact fees, escrow fees or other financial holdings consistent with current ordinances and financial policies.

Target Date: December 31, 2012.

  • Complete the RFP for a new Engineering firm.  Work with the Planning board towards finalizing the companies who are on the list Design a process in which the applicants can pick from 2 firms and not be limited to one as in the past.  Note, RFP submission date is September 10, 2012

Target Date: October 31, 2012.

  • Administer & Oversee implementation of Master Plan.

Target Date: Ongoing.

It is my expectation that this re-organization will benefit the residents and users of our community, with the ancillary benefit to the taxpayers of expanding the community’s tax base in a positive manner, while maintaining those qualities that make Londonderry, Londonderry.


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