Monkeying Around at Weirs Beach/Laconia

Summer time is here and the kids are out of school looking for things to do. We love going to airshows, balloon festivals, the beach, and the white mountains but we are also looking to do stuff that’s different this summer. We found a place called Monkey Trunks in Weirs Beach/Laconia, NH right next to Funspot.

This place is awesome!  There are 3 levels of ropes and obstacles to master.  The higher you go up the more intense and difficult the course becomes.  There are also 4 zip lines with the longest being over 650′ over a pond. There is also a rock climbing wall and a 35′ giant swing. For one price you get to go on the course all day.  There are no other fees and you are provided with a helmet and safety harness.

Safety is the priority at Monkey Trunks but having fun is a very close second.  When we arrived our son was put into his harness and fitted with a helmet.

Once outside we were taken to a safety briefing which ALL attendees must participate in.

As I said safety is key here as they do not allow “monkeying around”.  You are told at the beginning if you are being unsafe you will be asked to leave with no refunds.  You are walked through a small course which you are introduced to your “monkey paws”. The monkey paws are two hooks which are attached to your harness and are what keep you safe.  One has to be on a safety wire at all times and for you to move through the course they must both be secured. This small course takes you across a log and on a miniature zip line.

Once you have completed this safety briefing and course you are free to use the facilities.

Let the fun begin! Where to begin is always the question, with so many options and fun things to try which one goes first?  Monkey Trunks Weirs Beach has 48 challenges that include swinging beams, tightropes, rolling logs, hanging tires, cargo nets and more! Our son headed to the tower.

The tower is an easy way to get to all 3 levels of the course as well as to 2 of the zip lines. From there he started out on the 2nd level of challenges.

Gaining confidence he is seen trying harder and more difficult challenges.

He made his way back to the tower and tried out one of the zip lines.  These are seated zip lines so you just sit on the platform and scoot off.  Jumping off the platform is not allowed.

Then he got back on the course and navigated his way to the large tower to go on the big zip line which traverses a pond.

And then off he went.

The only way back is another zip line.

There are so many different challenges to do it’s easy to see why you can spend 2-3 hours here and not even know where that time went.

Getting strapped in for the 35′ giant swing; and away he goes.

The Weirs Beach location also has something that no other location currently has.  Lights!  That’s right you can now safely traverse all of the challenges even after the sun starts to go down.  The last launch they have is at 9:30PM and lights turn off at 11:00PM.

Currently there is an unadvertised special for the Weirs Beach location only.  If you call (603) 367-4427 before 5PM the day you wish to visit and make a reservation for after 5PM you only pay $39.00 versus the usual $49.00.  This is a great deal as the typical visit is 2-3 hours at Monkey Trunks.  You will have plenty of time to climb, use the zip lines and conquer the course.  You can joint their e-mail list and get a $5.00 off coupon for a future visit as well. Only one discount can apply.

Monkey Trunks is definitely a fun place to go for all ages young and old.  Requirements for Monkey Trunks all locations are as follows; Standing flat-footed with arms extended above your head, you must be able to reach 5’9”; children who can reach 5’4” may participate on the courses as long as they are accompanied by an adult (18 years or older).  There is also a weight limit of 250lbs.  There is no time limit for you to spend on the course. Reservations are not required but are strongly recommended.  You can not get the $10.00 discount if you just show up without calling to make a reservation first.

Monkey Trunks also has 2 other locations.

Chocurua, NH has 8 ziplines over and through the trees, challenges that include swinging beams, tightropes, rolling logs, hanging tires, cargo nets and more! Enjoy all of these activities as low as 10 feet and as high as 55 feet off the ground! There is no time limit while using the course. They encourage you to move through each level at your own pace and enjoy every challenge.  However, once you complete a level, you must move on to the next one; you are not allowed to go back to the beginning and start over.

Saco, ME has 48 challenges that include swinging beams, tightropes, rolling logs, hanging tires, cargo nets and more! 3 ziplines at up to 700 feet long and a 35-foot high giant swing! There is no time limit while on the course.  They encourage you to move through each level at your own pace and enjoy every challenge.

Directions to Monkey Trunks

From Londonderry; Monkey Trunks Weirs Beach is a 75 minute ride via Exit 23 on 93, Chocurua is a little over 2 hours and Saco Beach, ME is a 1 hour and 40 minute ride.

Pete Langlois lives in Derry with his wife and 2 children. Pete works in the information technology banking sector as a systems administrator. He is an accomplished photographer and loves to shoot at air shows & balloon festivals.  He also enjoys shooting waterfalls, nature and macro photography. You can view his outstanding images on his website


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