Londonderry Breaking News for August 12th – 19th 2012

  • Breaking News, many 911 calls coming in on 102 in area reports of Bank of America for a intoxicated female causing disturbance. #
  • Reports from the scene a physical disterbance minor bleeding. 102 Walgreens, female smahing up a car. LPD enroute 4:27pm #
  • LFD headed to Exit 5 northbound for a MVA on I93 for a Car Vs TREE with entrapment time out 5:27pm #
  • LFD toned out 5:27 pm for MVA northbound on I-93 near Exit 5. Car into a tree with entrampment. #
  • Reports of a MVA north of 5 with entrapment and a reported FIRE unknown if same accident time now 5:29 Truck into woods, into tree. #
  • Accident is between the exit 5 north bound on ramp and Town Line. Reports are coming in that there is entrapment with a possible fire. #
  • MVA found at mm 16.6, Medivac fr Boston 11 min out if req. SP and LPD on scene at 17.2 #
  • Morning! @Al_Kaprielian: Partly to Mostly Sunny less humid 80′s Mon. Some clouds 60-65 Mon. night. AM sun, PM increasing clouds 80′s Tue. #
  • Breaking News: Engine one responding in the area of 301 High Range Road for reports of an unauthorized burn 4:55 PM #
  • Breaking News LPD headed to Mohawk Drive for a Bat that is stuck in the house. Time now 9:24pm #
  • Officer reports 10-1 (in service) “enroute to the Bat.” Stay tuned to the Ltown Bat Channel same time same station… #
  • For those that need decoder ring for question, “what mead describes you.” List is here! send answer to @MoonlightMead #
  • Morning! @Al_Kaprielian: Sun & Clouds more humid 85-90 Tue. Mostly cloudy 65-70 Tue night. Showers, t-storms humid 78-83 Wed Sun & Clouds #
  • Traffic Alert: LPD reports Route 28/Rockingham Road south of Liberty Drive will be closed down to 1 lane of traffic. #
  • Oh shoot, I missed Tax Free weekend in MA last weekend… Oh, never mind it’s always Tax Free in NH! Business is Good. Life is Better! #
  • LFD toned out to Manchester-Boston Regional Airport for medical emergency. Time 3:07 PM #
  • Londonderry Old Home Day 2012 Booth Map Find out where you are! #
  • Old Home Day ALERT the Sr. Dinner and Concert has been moved to the HS Cafe. #
  • The newest @LondonderryCVC newsletter has just been sent! Be sure to subscribe to receive them: 12 New Members! – #
  • LFD toned out for mutual aid to Hudson for medical emergency. Time 4:38 PM #
  • Live from the Old Home Day senior night about 200 seniors enjoying food from the Lions. Time for Hoodsy cups with wooden spoons! #
  • Live from the LHS at 6:30pm the Windham Swing Band kicks off the senior night concert. All welcome come on down! #
  • As the star spangled banner is sung at Sr. Night all in the room break into song. Swing starts at 6:28pm in Ltown at Old Home day 2012. #
  • Traffic ALERT: I-93 NB in Londonderry/Windham the left lane is closed just south of Exit 4 due to construction. 8:59pm Wednesday #
  • Morning! @Al_Kaprielian: Sun & Clouds scat t-storms mid 80′s Thu Bec. mostly clear 58-63 Thu night. Mostly Sunny hot, humid 85-90 Fri. #
  • The OHD blog is heating up with reports of the event coming in! Find out what it’s like to have 25K friends over. #
  • Londonderry Fire is responding to I93 Northbound just north of exit 4 between. Car has flat tire with FLAMES coming fr under car #
  • Enroute LFD reports a DMV at 102 and Mammoth Road, LFD continues to I93 reported car FIRE time now 1:29pm #
  • E2 on scene of North of Exit 4 I93 Northbound No fire showing at this time investigating. 1:33pm #
  • MT @Stonyfield: <Cow Love> Check out one of the lovely ladies we met… “You have to wonder, how do you hold the pail? #
  • Londonderry Fire is departing the I93 car fire that extingished before arrival. Car to be picked up by wrecker. 1:54pm #
  • Old Home Day Kidz Night, Wildcats fireing up the grills on the Common, Tim and Kathy @Stonyfield picking up kids yogurt and drink! #
  • Londonderry Fire is headed to an oil spill on 102 and Mammoth Road E2 responding (the truck they reported as a DMV) time now 2pm #
  • Londodnerry Fire is headed to Route 102 and the old rest area for a MVA time out 2:29pm #
  • Kidz Night is open! Drumline just finished, no lines no waiting for bounce houses. WX is fantastic! Come on Down! map #
  • Clown at Londonderry Old Home Day Kidz Night 2009 It’s 2012 the clowns have not aged a day! #
  • NH Traffic ALERT: On I-93 Southbound, Exit 4 On & Off ramps will be closed tonight. Seek alternate route. #
  • Breaking News, LFD is heading to the Town Common Kidz night for a 3 year old vomiting after a fall. Now in safety booth time 7:48pm #
  • Youngster is OK at the Town Common, Rescue 1 was on scene giving Demos. Come out to Movie Night! it’s getting Dark time for Movie on Common! #
  • Old Home Day has lots to offer Great Story on Old Home Day in the Derry News! #
  • Morning! @Al_Kaprielian: AM Mostly Sunny PM Sun & Clouds 85-90 Fri Showers, t-storms humid 60′s Fri night. Scat Showers, t-storms 75-80Sat. #
  • LFD toned out to Stonyfield at 10 Burton Drive for fire alarm activation. Time 10:37 AM #
  • Traffic Alert: @nhdoti93: NH TRAFFIC ALERT: I 93 north near exit 4 there is an accident, expect delays, use caution. #
  • Fireworks canceled in Jaffrey tonight due to a bomb threat. Ltown Fireworks are on! Being set up this afternoon. #
  • Check out the coverage of Old Home Day by Mary Tetreau on the OHD Blog. As it happens! #
  • The fireworks are on for Londonderry Old Home Day Rain or shine! No turning back now! #
  • RT @LOHDParade: Special thanks to @flymanchester for providing a shuttle from Mack’s to middle school tomorrow prior to parade! #
  • Old Home Day Police Fire results Police win 11 to a LFD score of 7. News as it happens! #
  • Old Home Day in full swing and not yet Sold Out with Souled Out band. about 600 in front lawn of school and dancing in the street! #
  • Booth change! “That’s a 12 Foot Shark, Naaa its 20 maybe 24″ (movie Jaws) 28′ riding shark needed more space moved to back of new section #
  • Breaking News Old home Day fireworks to start early at 8:30pm weather coming in. #
  • If you are zt the fireworks and hear booms from Morrison house that is cannon fire! Londonderry Business is good. Life is better! #
  • Fireworks end ans rain enters Ltown on the west rush to your cars! 9:10pm #
  • A LPD dream, rain starts after fireworks, time to clear out and head home! Get a good night sleep time for @LOHDparade in the morning! #
  • ALERT Please be aware getting out of parking lot may be longer than normal. Police at the sweep of a alarm w/open door. 9:20pm #
  • Forestry 3 Clear of the fireworks detail time now 9:32pm “When it’s over, it’s over…” #
  • Thunder Rolls in Ltown, Pumpkins, Squash, Peppers, Blueberries, Raspberries, Peaches, Apples, Tomatoes, Beans, and assorted veggies smile. #
  • Breaking News: LFD Responding to Elwood Rd for medical aid. Time out 10:47 PM #
  • Breaking News: LPD LFD responding to American Legion parking lot on Sargent Rd for reports of an intoxicated female who has fallen 11:11 PM #
  • RT @CrazyMomNH: @LondonderryNH power went out at 6am on Lafayette Rd. Where’s Watty? @PSNH #
  • To our faithful followers, sorry were unable to tweet much today. Staff is very involved in @OldHomeDay Lots of labor with little tweet time #
  • RT @cbotteron: @MackNH @macksapples @LondonderryNH did anyone get a picture of him? “As in Obama, yes we did, Long story we must write. #
  • The best part was the fly over were the 3 Marine choppers and Marine 1 flew over the common during the signing of the National Anthem. #
  • Air Force One did a nice fly over following the landing zone of 35. Kinda over the parade route. #
  • RT @RockUrHumanity: @psnh Power restored to Premier. Thank you for saving my refrigerator contents from an untimely death! #FastResponse #
  • President Barack Obama points to bags of Mack’s apples as he walks South Lawn #


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