Fun Kids Craft Ideas for the Beach Bum

I believe children learn best when they do not even realize they are learning! Enjoy these activities that incorporate hands-on projects while touching on a child’s five senses.  Three major academic areas, math, science and language, are focused on, as well as some crafty and tasty treats.

Have Fun and Enjoy Your Children!

August Theme: Beach Bums

Song: I’m a Little Beach Bum (Teapot)
I’m a little beach bum, look at me,
Living on an island by the sea.
I like to dive and I like to swim,
The fish and the crabs are my friends.

Math: Beach Ball Bounce
Need: Beach ball, dice
Have your child roll the dice and that is the amount of bounces they have to do with the ball. Change it by doing catches, tosses, rolls etc.

Game: Seashore Limbo
Need: anything that can be used as a limbo stick
Play like regular limbo only give certain instructions for going under the limbo stick: wiggle like a fish, walk like a crab, slide like an eel, swim like a diver etc…

Language: I’m Going to the Beach……

  • Start by saying I’m going to the beach and I’m going to bring ___________ (add something that you are going to bring, ex. A cooler)
  • The next person repeats and then adds their own item “I’m going to the beach and I’m going to bring a cooler and __________.
  • Keep playing until the list gets so long you can’t remember. Great activity for the car!

Art: Hula Skirts
Need: Brown grocery bag, scissors, yarn, paint or markers, stapler

  • Let your child decorate the bag.
  • Cut off the top of the bag. Then cut strips up the bag, leaving enough to fold over at the top.
  • Fold the top over, putting yarn on the inside of the fold.
  • Staple the top to hold the yarn in (the yarn works as a belt).
  • Have fun dancing to some tropical music.

Tasty Treat: Ocean Surprise
Need: Blueberry Jello, Swedish fish, clear cups
Have your child help you make the Jello as directed. Add Swedish fish for a fun fishy surprise!

Corrie Binette is the owner of The Learning Stop.  It is located in the Londonderry Commons on 44 Nashua Road.  The Learning Stop is a Preschool-Kindergarten and also provides after Moose Hill care and drop-off hours.  For more information please visit their website or call 434-0082.


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