Donate Jeans for Homeless Veterans

Liberty House, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was formed by Founder Don Duhamel in 1994, offering first-transitional housing, medical, and job assistance for homeless vets in New Hampshire. After many attempts, and with the help of many public officials and Veterans Groups, Don was able to secure a facility located at 75 West Baker Street in Manchester, NH.

Eighty Percent of their funding comes from individual donations and grants from private foundations. The State Veterans support groups and service organizations also donate in-kind services and money to Liberty House.

During their stay at Liberty House, residents are part of a supportive Veteran community that keeps them optimistic and committed to their goals. In the cozy home life atmosphere, Veterans feel like part of a family.

Liberty House is always full.  With limited resources they can only assist so many veterans.  Did you know that there are 300 veterans homeless currently on the streets of NH?  Liberty House has asked friends to help  to collect jeans. They can be used, just no holes, and obviously clean. You know the dryer has shrunk at least a few and they no longer fit…give up the dream of making them “normal” thus be able to wear them again…give them to a homeless vet.  Male and/or female jeans are just fine.

If you are interested in donating to this worthy cause you can drop off your jeans at WBIN TV station located on 11A Street, Derry NH until Wednesday, August 15th. Matt Mayberry who works at WBIN-TV is driving the effort.


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