The Amazing Spider-Man

You’re probably thinking what most people were thinking: why do we need a new Spider-Man movie that starts with the origins?  Didn’t we just get one of these ten years ago?  Well, yes, we did.  And the reason we “needed” a reboot of this franchise is because Marvel wants to include Spidey in an Avengers movie, but they need to remind us that he’s around.  Now, this could have been a pretty forced retelling of the story we all already saw.  Fortunately, the original movie wasn’t even close to accurate to the comic book’s origin story, so we get another chance with this one.

The new Peter Parker (played remarkably well by Andrew Garfield, who is nothing but likeable throughout the film) is more punk than the usual nerdy Peter.  He rides a skateboard and is a bit of a rebel, but he’s just as awkward when it comes to talking to girls and he’s still just as intelligent.  This Peter wonders more about what happened to his parents, and we’re shown a flashback of when they left him with his aunt and uncle, just before their death.  We quickly discovered along with Peter that his father had been working with another scientist, Dr. Connors, on cross-species genetics, and his father had been close to succeeding with the help of a secret formula that he didn’t share with Connors.  Peter finds this formula and shares it with Connors, after he visits his lab and is bitten by the radioactive spider that gives him his powers.

I was expecting Connors to be an obvious bad guy the whole time, and always having ill intent for the formula.   One of the best things about this movie, I thought, was that Connors was a complicated character.  He truly desired to use cross-species genetics to help people with incurable degenerative diseases, or amputations (like himself).  Peter is also a complicated character, after the situation with his uncle (trying to avoid spoilers here) he is visibly affected for the rest of the movie, unlike in the original movie.  Really every character in this movie was brilliantly acted, from Peter’s uncle and aunt (they actually had some incredibly moving scenes with Peter) to Gwen Stacey, his love interest.  Actually I could’ve used a whole lot more of Gwen – Emma Stone stole every scene she was in, as usual.

The action in this movie was actually its weak point, I thought.  The editing felt choppy and rushed, and at certain points I felt lost as to how we got to one place from another.  Spider-Man’s personality while he’s in costume is more accurate to the comics (he’s more confident and sarcastic), in addition to the fact that he makes his own web blasters, instead of the webs coming out of his wrists like in the original movie.

The ending was handled well; there were actually a few very moving moments during the climax.  I found myself very emotionally invested in all of the characters almost immediately, which carried through the whole movie and helped make the end (I won’t spoil anything) that much more powerful.

If you were on the fence about seeing this movie, I’d recommend you just go.  It really was incredibly entertaining, and I actually want to see it again before it leaves theaters.

My Londonderry NH net rating, 3 seeds. 

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    Spider man in the 90′s had wrist web shooters as well….come on now

  2. Vote -1 Vote +1amy

    Amazing Spider Man supervising art director involved in sexual battery, libel case v. LA Music Award winning transgender singer Bralalalala after his criminal investigation..

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