Saturday Morning Fire at 5 Mt. Vernon Drive in Londonderry

Capt Darren O'Brien at the Spring Road Fire in 2009

At about 7:48 this morning Londonderry Fire responded to reports of a building fire at 5 Mt. Vernon Drive.  Londonderry Fire arrived within four minutes and Capt. Darren O’Brien set up command. While enroute responders were notified that all had been evacuated except for the pets.

On arrival Capt. O’Brien reported Smoke Showing from a two story split level home. Immediate investigation showed a fire on the first floor with the rear of the home in flames.  While in transit, Capt. O’Brien gave Engine 3 the unit expected to be the first on the scene instructions to attack the fire from the front of the building through the front door and push the fire out the rear.  On arrival the Capt. Called for a medic to treat one of the homeowners.

Engine 3 arrived starting the attack with the on board water.  Engine 2 arrived a short time after at the 9 minute mark and was ordered to feed its water supply into Engine 3.  Fire alarm announced that a Derry Medic, Derry Truck, Derry Tanker were enroute at that point Capt. O’Brien requested an additional tanker from Litchfield.

The first tanker (Derry Tanker 1) crossed the Londonderry Line at 8pm at about the same time the third Londonderry engine arrived at the structure fire.

During the fire Londonderry Police called in that one of the neighbors that had a severe dog bite.

The fire was reported knocked down at 8:02am with first responders checking for extension.  Engine 1 arrived at this time. Litchified Tanker 3 crossed into Londonderry at the 16 min mark. Capt. O’Brien at this time again reported that the fire has been knocked down and they were checking for extension. The scene still awaited a medic, with no Londonderry unit available a Derry Medic was still enroute.  Rescue 1 from Londonderry arrived at 8:07am. Derry Truck 4 at this time turned onto Willey Hill road at the same time a request for manpower as soon as they arrived at the scene.

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Derry Medic 1 arrived at the fire scene at the 20 minute mark and was directed to first care for a victim of the fire with considerable smoke inhalation and health issues.  Following that they would attend to the dog bite victim.

The Windham tanker arrived and backed down the street with no room to turn around at 8:10am. Support from other towns started to stream into stations to cover the community while the fire was being worked. The Capt. called the fire under control at the 23 minute mark and indicated there would be extensive overhaul through the morning.

Rehab and support from the Red Cross were traveling to the scene to support the firefighters and families. A Manchester Fire investigator was called in as ours was not available, he was expected to arrive at about 9am.

The scene is still undergoing overhaul at 10am this morning.

11am update

According to Town Council Chairman John Farrell “Capt. O’Brien told me the fire occurred at a shift change, this provided extra personnel to send to the fire when it happened.” The reason medics from Londonderry were not used was to provide the most manpower to knockdown the fire. “They did it quick, it went just like clockwork.”

Listen in to the fire radio from this morning, an exclusive Londonderry News feature. Remember scanner recordings have moments of silence, this recording is in real time.


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  1. +6 Vote -1 Vote +1Fred2

    A shift change added additional manpower to man the equipment at the fire house according to TC Chairman.

    23 minutes from the initial call the Capt. called the situation under control.

    I guess this ends the argument that with additional staffing our fire department will be able to respond and protect the community better. Would the outcome have been different in this incident if the additional manpower was not available?

    You decide.

  2. -7 Vote -1 Vote +1Listener

    I found the article fascinating in the contradiction of near play-by-play firefighting reporting juxtaposed against horrid typos, capitalizations, and punctuations. Was this submitted by text message on a cell phone?

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