Londonderry School Awards Hundred of Students

Hundreds of Londonderry High School students were awarded certificates, letters and more this past school year. Along with the sophomore, junior and senior awards, several 2012 graduates received departmental awards.

Departmental Award Student
Technology Education – Woods Farrah Ashe
Technology Education TV Production Ashley Monks
Technology Education Metals Emily Cariello
Computer Education Nickolas Hilton
FACS Hannah Staib
English Meghan Rimol
English Hannah Willis
Art Educarion – Academic Amanda Bentley
Art Education – Service Nicole Gregory
Business Education Nicholas Zacchilli
Physical Education James Mercier
Health Education Tyler Veilleux
Math Matthew Dalzell
Science Schuyler Martin
Science Andreas Geiger
Social Studies Jillian LeClerc
Foreign Language
Spanish Jennifer Calawa
French Meghan Rimol
Latin Matthew Dalzell
German Mark Gallo
Polyglot Award James Giles

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Adam Alix2012Certificate
Jordan Bedard2012Certificate
Justin Doto2012Certificate
Leanna Draghi2012Certificate
Michael Fedorchuk2012Certificate
Emily Hollingsworth2012Certificate
Alexander Holzberger2012Certificate
Georgina Martin2012Certificate
James McCarthy2012Certificate
Cari O'Shea2012Certificate
Courtney Parsons2012Certificate
Thomasin Pitts2012Certificate
Russell Plumer2012Certificate
Kyle Price2012Certificate
Nigel Swanson2012Certificate
Richard Sweetman2012Certificate
Nathaniel Taylor2012Certificate
Leah Walter2012Certificate
Bruno Weigler2012Certificate
Stephen Furtado2012Certificate and Letter
Alyson Honeywell2012Certificate and Letter
Alandra Horton2012Certificate and Letter
Nicholas Johnson2012Certificate and Letter
Jordan Joncas2012Certificate and Letter
Victoria Letle-Piro2012Certificate and Letter
Shelby McKenney2012Certificate and Letter
Erika Moburg2012Certificate and Letter
Elizabeth Pho2012Certificate and Letter
Jennifer Thompson2012Certificate and Letter
Nicole Bride2012Letter
Julianne Brunelle2012Letter
Kelsey Cole2012Letter
Trevor Creed2012Letter
Nicholas Curro2012Letter
Jacquelyn Dembro2012Letter
Luke Douglas2012Letter
Adam Feinstein2012Letter
Linda Harvey2012Letter
Ragnar Kempf2012Letter
Nicholas Maher-Lewis2012letter
Emily McAuliffe2012letter
Caroline Miller2012Letter
Christopher Murray2012Letter
Cynthia Paquette2012letter
Kaitlyn Peters2012Letter
Kayla Rearick2012Letter
Alyssa Rosenberg2012Letter
Erin Sanborn2012Letter
Hannah Staib2012Letter
Daniel Sullivan2012Letter
Samantha Summers2012Letter
Hunter Wertz2012Letter
Tyler Wilson2012Letter
Erin Yankowskas2012Letter
Michael Pappas2012Letter and Scroll
Briana Stanley2012Letter and Scroll
Samantha Vivian2012Letter and Scroll
Kristina Westgaard2012Letter and Scroll
Alexandria Beaudoin2012Letter and Scroll
Sean Bradley2012Letter and Scroll
Brooke Bellew2012Scroll
Alyssa Boccia2012Scroll
Derek Burns2012Scroll
Philip Chan2012Scroll
Andrew Diorio2012Scroll
Taylor Hicks2012Scroll
Nickolas Hilton2012Scroll
Lauren Jabczanka2012Scroll
Ashley Kwiatkowski2012Scroll
Melanie Lantagne2012Scroll
Meredythe Leonard2012Scroll
Matthew Mayer2012Scroll
Rebecca McIntosh2012Scroll
Hannah Murray2012Scroll
Emma Tello2012Scroll
Edward Trzcinski2012Scroll
Julie Walker2012Scroll
Michael Whelton2012Scroll
Shea Williams2012Scroll
Logan Almquist2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Sierra Baldwin2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Heather Bartlett2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Mary Kate Breen2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Tamarah Brousseau2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Zachary Capobianco2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Tessa Caputo2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Tanya Ceron2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Jayme Conti2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Sara Cournoyer2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Samir Daouk2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Kelsey Derhak2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Ashley Englund2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Kristyn Fedorchuk2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Danielle Garrand2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Anthony Gonder2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Paul Huber2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Daniel Kinnon2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Rachel Kraytenberg2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Valerie Lacasse2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Megan Mak2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Kirsten Malloy2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Schuyler Martin2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Nicole Michaud2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Scott Murphy2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Nicholas Natella2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Jocelyn Nerney2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Clint Perry2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Elaina Radzelovage2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Zachary Richards2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Meghan Rimol2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Russell Saur2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Stephen Schirch2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Haley Skov2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Laura Thibaut2012Senior Plaque and 2 scrolls
Felisha Albert2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Kyle Ashe2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Paige Baronas2012Senior Plaque, all and 3 scrolls
Dayna Barton2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Amanda Bentley2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Nicholas Bompastore2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Michael Brown2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Lauren Brulet2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Jennifer Calawa2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Jacqueline Cavedon2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Caroline Champoux2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Colleen Clark2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Christopher Colon2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Samantha Corey2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Kaffa Cote2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Maggie Dagosto2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Matthew Dalzell2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Tori DeYeso2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Gabriela Diaconu2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Anthony DiMarco2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Marianna Dominguez-Lash2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Taylor Douglas2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Kelsey Enright2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Brielle Evangelista2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Amy Fliger2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Michaela Gagliardi2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Mark Gallo2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Thomas Garvey2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Andreas Geiger2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Devereux Geiger2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Mariah Geiger2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Jessica Genito2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
James Giles2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Zack Gulinello2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Shannon Hagerty2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Jessica Hamilton2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Catherine Hill2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Amanda Ho2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Emily Houston2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Maria Ijaz2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Haley Jean2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Daniel Jellis2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Anthony Jennings2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Emily Joncas2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Rosealie Koo2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Mary Koon2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Nicole Lagasse2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Cassandra Lamontagne2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Dariah Lauer2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Alexandra Laurence2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Jillian LeClair2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Claire MacLennan2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Amanda Marett2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Megan McLaurin2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
James Mercier2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Ashley Monks2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
MacKenzie Moore2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Ryan Moore2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Caitlin Murphy2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Rebecca Nader2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Helen Neiman2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Lindsay O'Donnell2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Charlotte O'Neill2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Emily Powers2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Alexander Roy2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Jared Schwalbe2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Jillian Spinney2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Anne Stuart2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Mitchell Tighe2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Matthew Tobin2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Dana Walker2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Daniel Roger2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Alexandra Tocman2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Ayman Usmani2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Joshua Villars2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Hannah Willis2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Stephen Winn2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Nicholas Zacchilli2012Senior Plaque and 3 scrolls
Sean Bonta2013Certificate
Robert Brouillard2013Certificate
Caitlin Burns2013Certificate
Taryn Caito2013Certificate
Kaitlyn Colby2013Certificate
Sydney Countie2013Certificate
Lucas Crowley2013Certificate
Rachel Cummings2013Certificate
Samantha Danis2013Certificate
Cameron Davison2013Certificate
Ryan Driscoll2013Certificate
Mary Espaillat2013Certificate
Jennifer Goodwin2013Certificate
Alexander Hale2013Certificate
Julia Heffernan2013Certificate
Dylan Holland2013Certificate
Jesse Howlett2013Certificate
Savanna Illinger2013Certificate
Danielle Jellison2013Certificate
Britney Johnson2013Certificate
Ryan Lacey2013Certificate
Amy Lagasse2013Certificate
Zachary Lee2013Certificate
Harrison Max2013Certificate
Kevin McIntire2013Certificate
Eric Morin2013Certificate
Katelyn Mullett2013Certificate
Robin Nickerson2013Certificate
Andrea Ruge2013Certificate
Christian Simard2013Certificate
Aaron Skrzowski2013Certificate
Michael Vitale2013Certificate
Brittany Witherell2013Certificate
Benjamin Ackley2013Letter
Cody Anderson2013Letter
Kyra Angione2013Letter
Katie Aramento2013Letter
Jenica Arsenault2013Letter
Emily Austin2013Letter
Cory Baum2013Letter
Rachel Beaton2013Letter
Elaine Berndt2013Letter
Zachary Bisson2013Letter
Devin Boyle2013Letter
Serina Brenner2013Letter
Taylor Briggs2013Letter
Shannon Burke2013Letter
Sean Cardwell2013Letter
Briana Carlson2013Letter
Stevee Carollo2013Letter
Erin Casey2013Letter
Aimee Charest2013Letter
Jennifer Chouinard2013Letter
Alexander Coburn2013Letter
Anthony Colameta2013Letter
Paige Collins2013Letter
Matthew Cooper2013Letter
Ellen Courtemanche2013Letter
Bridget Crowley2013Letter
Driss Dallahi2013Letter
Andrew DeMeo2013Letter
Amanda DePasquale2013Letter
Jacob Deschamps2013Letter
Kenneth Desmarais2013Letter
William Driscoll2013Letter
Amelia Fabiano2013Letter
Jessica Fleet2013Letter
Sarah Ford2013Letter
Lydia Gallup2013Letter
Dominic Galluzzo2013Letter
Taylor Glynn2013Letter
Michelle Gyorda2013Letter
Sarah Henault2013Letter
Lauren Holahan2013Letter
Alexander Horton2013Letter
Andrew Johnson2013Letter
Meghan Kelly2013Letter
Colleen Kennedy2013Letter
Jesse Kruszka2013Letter
Joshua Leahy2013Letter
Kelsey LeBlanc2013Letter
Danielle Lewis2013Letter
Katherine Lynch2013Letter
Elisa Magrath2013Letter
Lauren Mattucci2013Letter
Molly McAuliffe2013Letter
Megan McCullough2013Letter
Margaret McGarry2013Letter
Morgan McGrath2013Letter
Kyleigh McMullen2013Letter
Eric Mehm2013Letter
Christian Mitchell2013Letter
Ian Nichols2013Letter
Anthony Novelli2013Letter
Jessica Nunes2013Letter
Matthew Osadchy2013Letter
Sirena Paiva2013Letter
Michael Paquette2013Letter
Ian Perry2013Letter
Stephanie Peters2013Letter
Gregory Pfalzgraf2013Letter
Melissa Plakyda2013Letter
Cassie Plummer2013Letter
Brandon Roche2013Letter
Tori Sailor2013Letter
Matthew Selinka2013Letter
Keegan Smith2013Letter
Eric Smith2013Letter
Emma Stepanik2013Letter
Amanda Szymanski2013Letter
Amanda Tarquinio2013Letter
Sarah Townsend-Phillips2013Letter
Erin Twombly2013Letter
Alyssa Vallante2013Letter
Michelle Vecchione2013Letter
Katrina Viaud2013Letter
Elizabeth Vrettos2013Letter
Troy Ward2013Letter
Jessica Waters2013Letter
Stephen Wong2013Letter
Alysa Zamora2013Letter
Katherine Zheng2013Letter
Farrah Ashe2013Scroll
Adrian Baker2013Scroll
Thomas Beedham2013Scroll
Andrew Beliveau2013Scroll
Scott Bonfanti2013Scroll
Cassandra Cronin2013Scroll
Ethan Doherty2013Scroll
Victoria Durrett2013Scroll
Katherine Dzenis2013Scroll
Melanie Eccles2013Scroll
Kirsten Enwright2013Scroll
Anthony Ferrara2013Scroll
Hans Gui2013Scroll
Dalton Gyorda2013Scroll
Abigail Joy2013Scroll
Rebecca Kahn2013Scroll
Sydney Lagueux2013Scroll
Katherine Lasocki2013Scroll
Jaclyn Lecaroz2013Scroll
Tyler Litch2013Scroll
Lorrin Melanson2013Scroll
Andrew Mitchell2013Scroll
Mary Osgood2013Scroll
Melanie Packard2013Scroll
Christen Palange2013Scroll
Morgan Parr2013Scroll
Emily Parrott2013Scroll
John Perry2013Scroll
Alissa Rogers2013Scroll
Rebecca Wallace2013Scroll
Sabrina Wallace2013Scroll
Julia Wasserman2013Scroll
Emily Agostino2014Certificate
Brooke Alpers2014Certificate
Maria Andary2014Certificate
Rita Andary2014Certificate
Kaitlin Anderson2014Certificate
Hailey Angione2014Certificate
Vineeth Annu2014Certificate
Hannah Austen2014Certificate
William Bates2014Certificate
Alexa Bedell2014Certificate
Gabrielle Berry2014Certificate
Cailey Blatchford2014Certificate
Samantha Bogdahn2014Certificate
Morgan Brady2014Certificate
Shawn Broderick2014Certificate
Nicholas Brodeur2014Certificate
Matthew Brown2014Certificate
Robert Brown2014Certificate
Andrew Brunelle2014Certificate
Cassandra Burbine2014Certificate
Elisabeth Caron2014Certificate
Stephany Christie2014Certificate
Eric Coburn2014Certificate
Taylor Collins2014Certificate
Anissa Cote2014Certificate
Timothy Court2014Certificate
Shannon Crowley2014Certificate
Jessica D'Anjou2014Certificate
Bridget Deyeso2014Certificate
Audrey Eccles2014Certificate
Lyndsey England2014Certificate
Alana Fanaritis2014Certificate
Valerie Fernandez2014Certificate
Alexander Forgues2014Certificate
Julia Frechette2014Certificate
Maria Gagliardi2014Certificate
Victoria Goggin2014Certificate
Justin Gozza2014Certificate
Brian Greene2014Certificate
Bethany Griffin2014Certificate
Daniel Haas2014Certificate
Julie Hamilton2014Certificate
Devon Hickey2014Certificate
Andrew Hodkinson2014Certificate
Sarah Ijaz2014Certificate
Elizabeth Innie2014Certificate
Jacob Jaehne2014Certificate
Timothy Jennings2014Certificate
Hannah Kearney2014Certificate
Nathan Kilgus2014Certificate
Jaime King2014Certificate
Omer Klaen2014Certificate
Mariah Kunitake2014Certificate
Jace Lamarre2014Certificate
Kaylin LaPointe2014Certificate
Hanna Lundgren2014Certificate
Kelly Marko2014Certificate
David Marks2014Certificate
Stephen Marzik2014Certificate
Allison McCarthy2014Certificate
Joseph McGrath2014Certificate
Matthew McGrath2014Certificate
Dillon McKay2014Certificate
Lindsey Michalewicz2014Certificate
Alexis Morgan2014Certificate
Caroline Muse2014Certificate
Gina Occhipinti2014Certificate
Madison O'Neil2014Certificate
Benjamin Parker2014Certificate
Ann Payneau2014Certificate
Stephanie Pestka2014Certificate
Grant Peters2014Certificate
Jesse-Jacob Pierson2014Certificate
Sarah Poirier2014Certificate
Joshua Pouliot2014Certificate
Amanda Preston2014Certificate
Lauren Reinhold2014Certificate
Justine Rouleau2014Certificate
Marissa Russell2014Certificate
Amelia Sarvis2014Certificate
Simone Selover2014Certificate
Aliza Simpson2014Certificate
Hannah Solomons2014Certificate
Sami Tocman2014Certificate
Laura Troisi2014Certificate
Jordan Tutt2014Certificate
Andrew VanSchalkwyk2014Certificate
Logan Westfall2014Certificate
Taylor Wood2014Certificate
Karissa Young2014Certificate
Kelli Zaino2014Certificate
Brandon Zalinsky2014Certificate
Caroline Aaron2014Certificate & Letter
Kristen Bates2014Certificate & Letter
Brent Beaudoin2014Certificate & Letter
Katherine Biondo2014Certificate & Letter
Andrew Bompastore2014Certificate & Letter
Samuel Breslow2014Certificate & Letter
Merissa Brousseau2014Certificate & Letter
Hannah Brownstein2014Certificate & Letter
Jaimee Cava2014Certificate & Letter
William Chen2014Certificate & Letter
Hemenway Coburn2014Certificate & Letter
Erin Conti2014 Certificate & Letter
Shannon Corcoran2014Certificate & Letter
Makayla D'Urso2014Certificate & Letter
Tianna Federico2014Certificate & Letter
Brianna Ferraro2014Certificate & Letter
Emily Georgakopoulos2014Certificate & Letter
Faith Giguere2014Certificate & Letter
Dakota Hayes2014Certificate & Letter
Isabella Hernandez2014Certificate & Letter
Amanda Jeanty2014Certificate & Letter
Hannah Johnson2014Certificate & Letter
Kyle Kling2014Certificate & Letter
Adam LaFleur2014Certificate & Letter
Nora Lane2014Certificate & Letter
Samantha Larkin2014Certificate & Letter
Cassidy Litch2014Certificate & Letter
Marc Lussier2014Certificate & Letter
Kaitlin Mak2014Certificate & Letter
Jordan Marett2014Certificate & Letter
Justin Mayer2014Certificate & Letter
Matthew McKinney2014Certificate & Letter
Mary Miller2014Certificate & Letter
Ana Milosavljevic2014Certificate & Letter
Alden Milton2014Certificate & Letter
Clarissa Navarro2014Certificate & Letter
Ashley Nelan2014Certificate & Letter
Matthew Nolan2014Certificate & Letter
Meghan O'Regan2014Certificate & Letter
Jillian O'Rourke2014Certificate & Letter
Naomi Phillips2014Certificate & Letter
Kyrsten Pizani2014Certificate & Letter
Casey Plummer2014Certificate & Letter
Kylee Quitayen2014Certificate & Letter
Hannah Rettig2014Certificate & Letter
Kimberly Roberts2014Certificate & Letter
Brooke Robinson2014Certificate & Letter
Mitchell Schirch2014Certificate & Letter
Anna Shveshkeyev2014Certificate & Letter
Danielle Souza2014Certificate & Letter
Blair Swasey2014Certificate & Letter
Nikolas Theodhosi2014Certificate & Letter
Amelia Tighe2014Certificate & Letter
Brooke Tulley2014Certificate & Letter
Nicholas Yennaco2014Certificate & Letter


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