Londonderry Fireworks Regulations

Joe Paradis is taking the fourth off, while looking for a nice reprint to fill his space, we found something that was very timely from 2010.  The information is good and we are sure that Joe has a permit for his celebration this week!

Looking for where professional fireworks will be shot from this week? Read our story NH Towns Celebrate with Fireworks Shows 2012 with an interactive map and full table of locations.

After Londonderry Hometown Online News published Sparks Will Fly This Fourth of July in 2010, questions were raised about the legality of private fireworks without a permit, and the regulations regarding where fireworks can be shot from. After speaking with Londonderry Fire Inspector Brian Johnson, several rules, that many in the community may not have known, were brought to our attention.

Did you know….
New Hampshire has a 63 page list of fireworks that are permissible in the state?

Private fireworks (those done on private property by consumers) are allowed without a permit, if there is less than five hundred dollars worth of product. For consumers wishing to do more than five hundred dollars worth, a fire inspection and permit are required. The permit must be obtained through the Fire Department and the Fire Inspector will inspect all fireworks. The fireworks must be listed in the state’s 63 page list of permissible fireworks. Consumers should keep this in mind when purchasing fireworks, as fireworks purchased out-of-state or online may not be on the list. To view this list, click here.

Consumers must discharge fireworks on their own private property, or have written permission from the property owner. Firework displays on town property require written permission from the Town.

The person discharging the fireworks must be at least 21 years of age. They must also not consume alcohol, be under the influence of alcohol or be otherwise impaired while discharging the fireworks.

Fireworks cannot be discharged within 75 feet of any combustible structure, or no closer than the clearances listed by the fireworks manufacturer. Also, fireworks cannot be discharged within 50 feet of overhead wires. Spectators must be no closer than 75 feet from the discharged fireworks, or no closer than the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Means to distinguish any spot fires resulting from the fireworks must be available. This includes fire extinguishers and garden hoses. Access to 9-1-1 must also be available during the fireworks should an emergency arise.

Firework permits will not be issued if the forest fire danger is greater than a class 3. The permit is issued for ONE DAY, however, alternative (rain) dates may be listed on the permit. If the fireworks cannot be discharged due to weather, verbal approval for an alternative day may be granted.

Consumers who have obtained an inspection and permit must call the Fire Department Dispatch Center 30 minutes before discharging the fireworks. They must also call the Fire Department a second time, once all fireworks have been discharged. The person named on the permit must remain on site for at least one hour after the discharges have been completed, to ensure there are no resulting fires.

Permits does not absolve the permit holder of compliance with other town ordinances or laws.

The Fire Department highly recommends that any consumer check the fire danger class the day of the fireworks. Fireworks, like fires, are not allowed on days that the class is above 3. This is regardless of whether a permit has been obtained or not.

Londonderry’s Noise Ordinance states that residents must quiet down at 10 PM. If fireworks are discharged after this point, the police may be called and the persons involved will be spoken to.

The requirements regarding both the fireworks themselves and the permit are both relatively new to Londonderry. Prior to June of 2008 there were no regulations established. If you’d like to know more or obtain a permit, please call the Londonderry Fire Department at 603-432-1124.

Fireworks photos in this story from Londonderry Old Home Day 2009

Looking for Fireworks stores? Just Visit Londonderry! You will find a full list with directions on the Fireworks Stores page of the Londonderry Commerce and Visitors Center website.


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