Londonderry Breaking News for 2012-07-29

  • Lobster – Market Basket $3.99 a pound. Yummy #
  • LFD toned out to Wagon Wheel trailer park for medical emergency. Time 10:14 AM #
  • Job openings in Londonderry with Liberty Mutual, Put your help wanted ad on Free! #
  • Hmmmm The USDOT in Arlington is reading about Pettengill Road, wonder whats up! #
  • Bad Dog, Bad Dog… Need Obedience Lessons? Check out this FREE listing on list your service! #
  • Breaking News: LFD Responding to Mammoth Rd for medical aid/fall related back injury. Time out 11:28 PM. Companies on scene 11:31 PM #
  • Breaking News (Update): LFD under control on Mammoth Rd. Medic preparing one for transport to the Parkland Medical Center 11:51 PM #
  • Londonderry Fire is headed to a medical on Danbery Court time out 8:55am Walking with children, LPD enroute also. #
  • WARNING Sollicitors are going door to door selling educational materials, indicating they are connected with the schools. They are NOT. #
  • LFD arrives at the Elliot at 9:23 with patient from Danbury, Grandparents have children that were walking with her. #
  • LFD toned out for medical emergency in Home Depot parking lot. Time 11:48 AM #
  • Robin is on top of nest trying to get out of the wind and what we pray is a little rain. #
  • LFD toned out to Londonderry High School for fire alarm activation. Time 4:14 PM #
  • Cars rolling in for the WZID Block Party on Adams, Setup almost done drive with care! Many new people to area. #
  • MT @Lauren_Holahan: baby deer :D @LondonderryCVC Photographer on holiday gets a great nature shot! take a look! #
  • Very Isolated Cell in the center of Londonderry over Macks U-Pick2 lightning and thunder, at the @WZID event. Take cover! #
  • Nice to hear the LPD is doing many checks of the Kendall Pond Conservation area. #
  • Listen in to the details of the police checking out those "parked" at the Kendall Pond Conservation Area. #
  • Breaking News LFD to 3 King Richard Drive for a building struck by LIGHTNING. time out 8:11 engine 3 &2, Engine 1, Car 2, medic rescue1 #
  • LPD also headed to King Richard Drive, LFD on scene 8:13pm 2 story wood frame nothing showing. Car 2 has command. #
  • Reports from reader @keepermom14 the cows have now power, be sure to call @PSNH time now 8:14pm #
  • King Richard (command) requests other units to come with traffic, home struck by lighting 15 min or so ago. time now 8:16pm #
  • Breaking News SMOKE in the building on Constitution Drive, LFD enroute time now 9:41 E3 Rescue 1 Engine 2 Car 2 Derry truck and Derry Chief #
  • Odor of smoke int the building Londonderry Dispatch advised resident to pull the alarm and evacuate the building. time now 9:43pm #
  • LPD arrives at Capital Hill fire alarm 9:44pm Truck 4 out of the Derry Station at 9:44pm #
  • E3 at Hydrant on Constitution Building Evacuated nothing showing from outside C5 has command 3 story garden style Apartment 9:46pm #
  • Live from the scene of Capital Hill Drive Command under control cancel Derry Truck all others released time now 9:48pm Derry stands down. #
  • Command terminated at 9:49pm good intent. at Capital Hill Drive. #
  • RT @keepermom14: "@LondonderryNH: Reports from reader @keepermom14 cows have power, be sure to call @PSNH time now 8:14pm" power back 8:36 #
  • (delayed report) The hunt is on for "Willy Weaver" on Mammoth Road South part of town. 9:57pm Now on South Road. #
  • Currently reading Local Shop Offers More than Just Coffee and Warmth: #
  • LPD headed to Rockingham Road near exit 5 for reports of a man by a car with an umbrella with many gas cans around him.1:40pm #
  • Man with Gas cans on Rockingham near subway, ran out of gas, traveling through state. Not related Blasting in the area of Exit 5 #
  • Concerts on the Commons this evening 7pm on the Londonderry Town Common. Life is Better in Londonderry when listening to music outdoors. #
  • RT @jeffcallahan6: @LondonderryNH the flowers and shrubs that are there are compliments of Shady Hill Greenhouses! #
  • Breaking News Londonderry Fire headed to Stonyfield for a fire alarm activation time out 7:10pm #
  • Londodnerry Fire arrives at Stonyfield 7:15pm Building Evacuated nothing showing investigating. #
  • Medic, and Truck one on scene Truck one has command. Reports of possible broken sprinkler head. time now 7:21pm #
  • Sprinkler System Malfunction, Let's get back to making yogurt @Stonyfield Where Business is Good. Life is Better! in Londonderry! #
  • Minutes from home, not a long trip over the Airport Access Road. Could be an excursion! #
  • Breaking News LFD headed to High Range and Shasta Drive for an outside debris fire. No exposure time out 10:17pm #
  • Reports that the fire is a box in the middle of Mammoth Road burning. Time now 10:19pm #
  • LFD toned out to Apple Tree Cinema for a medical emergency. Time 9:55 AM #
  • Blasphemy! "@JeanWMUR: #FindWally MT: '@alertnewengland: Wally the Green Monster stolen from Fenway Park. (This is a real tweet)'" #
  • LFD toned out to 62 Nashua Road for motor vehicle accident. Time 3:29 PM #
  • Nashua Road Accident: LFD reporting pregnant women still in vehicle with back injury. Time 3:32 PM #
  • Londonderry Fire is headed to Granite Ridge energy for a FIRE alarm activation Time out 7:35pm #
  • NH TrafficALERT: 293 north the exit 2 off ramp is closed due to an accident, seek another route, follow detour, expect delays. 9:39am Sat #
  • Breaking News Londonderry Fire Police headed to Parmenter Road and 102 for Motorcycle Accident, reports 50 yr old leg inj time out 2:02pm #
  • Units on scene of MC accident at Parmenter and 102 reports MC down. 2:05pm Command reports MV vs. MC medic evaluating one. 2:09pm #
  • Breaking News Stonehenge and Perkins LFD enroute for a Motor Cycle Accident time out 2:22pm. Medic has just left for St. Joe's fr Parmenter #
  • LPD responding to 2nd Motorcycle Accident Reported by driver, MC down embankment, they drove on. Time now 2:24pm #
  • Third Call, Derry gets bus ride from urgent care. Ltown Medics both involved in two MC accidents. time out 2:25pm Chest inj. Bicycle Acident #
  • RT @NathanLStone: @LondonderryNH traffic backed up, only one lane open (assume 102 MC Accident) 2:26pm #
  • RT @NathanLStone: @LondonderryNH (photo from reader, in front of Parmenter Farm on 102, MC death 7 years ago here) #
  • State Police Log Quote of year, "Drivers and people near the checkpoint kept saying…"we knew you would be doing this" #
  • WX luck of Ltown, mist here Rain to the North, Rain to the South. Farms need water bad. Radar shows another split. #
  • Derry Fire is headed to Lindland Drive for Reports of Smoke in the building (Apartments) time out 6:41pm #
  • Breaking News:Bad rollover in Hampstead at Main Street and West Road, 2 entraped additional personnel enroute from Derry. Time now 7pm #
  • Medivac not an option for Hampton Rollover WX to low. 7:02pm Second medic arrives. #
  • Londonderry Fire is headed to Crestview Circle for a fire alarm activation time out 11:20am Sunday #


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