Londonderry Breaking News for July 8th – 15th 2012

  • Gas spill at Gas & Service Nashua Road. LFD responding. #
  • Car has driven off with pump attached to their vehicle. LFD in route. #
  • MT @LondonderryCVC: Breaking Farm News Sunnycrest has Ltown Farm Fresh Apricots and Peaches! in the farmstand. #
  • Morning! @Al_Kaprielian: Partly to Mostly Sunny low humidity mid 80's Mon. Some clouds 50's Mon night. Sun & Clouds mid 80's Tue #
  • LFD toned out for mutual aid to Litchfield for police standoff. Time 2:44 PM #
  • LFD toned out for fire alarm activation on Londonderry Road. Time 2:59 PM #
  • Breaking News:Londonderry Fire headed to 12 Currier Drive for reports of a building FIRE. Time out 5:41pm LPD also enroute #
  • Cross Roads Pillsbury and Berkshire Hydrant on the corner. Ladder truck called out of Derry. Reports that a grill is on fire on a deck #
  • Londonderry Police on scene 5:44pm of a reported FIRE at 12 Currier Drive. #
  • LPD reporting everyone out of the house. 5:44pm Barbeque on back deck is on fire. Car2 Engine 1 on scene 5:45pm nothing showing from street #
  • E3 reports FIRE extinguished, no extension to the house at 12 Currier Drive. Other units stand down time now 5:46pm #
  • Heard in Breaking News Here good story @NashuaTelegraph shots fired, @wmur9 reporting 1 dead #
  • Breaking Londonderry Town Council news Dave Caron long time town manager resigns. Presently dealing with family medical issues. #
  • Breaking Town Council news $1.2 – 1.3M to be returned to as many as 425 property owners in Londonderry. #
  • Breaking Town Council News approval issued to go for a safer grant to fund 4 new firefighters. #
  • Breaking News:The Woodmont Commons PUD has asked for a continuance to the Sept 5th Planning Board Meeting. #
  • Breaking News, Londodnerry Fire is headed (again) to the Bicycle Track on Pettengill Road. Bike Accident Time out 6:59pm #
  • Strangest search of the day, "How can I encourage tree frogs to stay on my deck." #treeFrogs Answer. #
  • morning Al! @Al_Kaprielian: Sunny start then sun & clouds mid 80's cooler along the coast Weds. Bec. mostly clear upper 50's Weds. night #
  • LFD toned out to Manchester-Boston Regional Airport for medical emergency. Time 11:29 AM #
  • LFD toned out for mutual aid in Hudson for medical emergency. Time 12:11 PM #
  • LFD toned out to area of Wiley Hill Road and Litchfield town line to check for smoke. Time 2:36 PM #
  • Breaking Planning Board News, Kathy Wagner of the @LondonderryCVC presents a easing of the sign ordnance to allow A-Frame's Workshop planned #
  • Breaking News: @WireBeltCo presents another expansion in Londonderry PB application going well, nice building #environment Great news! #
  • RT @Lauren_Holahan: The camera doesn't matter; it's what you do with it. Our Photo Journalist gets it! Content Counts!!! #
  • Breaking News: LFD responding to I-93 southbound on ramp for a motorcycle accident. LPD on scene. 12:00 AM #
  • Breaking New: LPD reporting motorcycle down in roadway unable to locate patient. State police performing K9 search. LFD on scene 12:04 p.m. #
  • Breaking News: Multiple police agencies working in the area of Exit 4 I-93 looking for subject who crashed motorcycle. Use caution in area. #
  • Breaking News (Update): LFD checking local hospitals for motorcycle patient. State police continuing to track with K9 @ 12:13 AM #
  • Breaking News: State police K9 located subject matching description @ DOT state sheds in Derry 12:18 AM #
  • Breaking News: Derry police confirm subject located at DOT state shed is not involved. State police continuing active track 12:25 AM #
  • Breaking News: Londonderry Fire Rescue 1 setting up lights on 93 to assist state police w/ search for motorcycle crash subject 12:31 AM #
  • Breaking News: LPD & LFD responding to Lawson Farm Rd for private family matter. No danger to community. Units on scene 12:38 AM. #
  • Breaking News Update: LPD reporting no injuries at Lawson Farm Rd call all fire companies in service 12:48 AM #
  • LFD toned out to Stonehenge Road for medical emergency. Time 10:26 AM #
  • Don't forget about the brewer's festival tomorrow in Hooksett! #
  • LFD toned out to Manchester-Boston Regional Airport for medical emergency. Time 11:43 AM #
  • Breaking News Londonderry Fire is on the Scene of a Dumpster FIRE and Brush Fire on Bayberry time now 1:43pm Forestry unit enroute. #
  • Brush Fire under control on Bayberry Dumpster still burning with unknown material inside. 2 engine and forestry arrive 1:46pm #
  • LFD toned out to Bayberry and Pendelton near now-extinguished dumpster fire for heat related medical issue. Time 2:32 PM #
  • Brush fire by Meadow and Mohawk. Units also approaching on the Granite Road. #
  • Fire in the woods all hands working. #
  • Still checking the woods for fire. #
  • Nothing Found at the brush fire. All companies have been placed in service. #
  • Good Reception at Town Planning Board, town's Commerce and Visitors Center @LondonderryCVC UL story > #
  • Londonderry Fire is headed to 155 Rockingham Road for a check on smoke conditions. Many Brush Fires today in Ltown. #
  • Air Quality ALERT NH Environmental Services Department has issued a air quality alert FROM 11 AM until 11 PM Today. Unhealthy Ozone lvls #
  • Morning! @Al_Kaprielian: Weekend Forecast Partly to Mostly sunny, incr. clouds late hot humid 88-93 Sat. Clouds, humid t-storms 80's Sun #
  • possible mva near 79 Adams Road #
  • No accident located. #
  • LPD has located the accident site. Car hit a pole. No damage to the pole. No car just bumper left behind and trail of radiator fluid. #
  • Ltown Police Tip if you smash into a pole and leave, don't leave your bumper with License Plate behind… #
  • RT @psnh: Derry outage impacting ~2,700 c's Derry (including some in Chester). Caused by down tree. ~ETR 10 p.m. Thanks for your patience! #
  • RT @psnh: Lightning is reported cause of Derry outage #
  • MT Live now Great idea, up quality and bye bye TV! @TrentWMUR: @WMUR9 6pm news LIVE on the web: #
  • Radio traffic in Derry indicating the power outage could be "Four Hours Minimum." time now 6:40pm @PSNH DFD transporting those in need. #
  • Londonderry Fire is just cleaning up at a FIRE at 5 Mt. Vernon Drive. Units responded at about 7:48 this morning #
  • MT @Londonderry_lhs: Class of 2015 car wash today at BP…please go out and support them. Near the Crossroads on 102 #
  • Command Terminated at 5 Mt. Vernon Drive, 10:47pm Details in story #
  • MT @Becker1221: Beautiful cloudy day to pick blueberries and raspberries @SunnycrestNH @LondonderryNH Business is Good. Life is Better! #
  • Mt. Vernon Fire Story Updated with more information and Fire audio #podcast of the call #scanner #
  • Londonderry Police are headed to Bolder and Kendal Pond for a 3 car MVA, no reported PI time now 6:41pm #
  • Londonderry Fire is headed to Shaw's for reports of a sick person in the rear of the store. Time out 8:57pm #


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