Local Art Teacher Appears in Animated Form with Family

A Londonderry art teacher and his family have become animated in a new short cartoon based on Popeye the Sailor Man. Brandon Stumpf, middle school art teacher, and his wife Jennifer and daughters Madison and Avery not only star as their animated selves, but also voice themselves in the cartoon.

Called the Stumpf Family Goes to the Beach, the short has been appearing on the award winning cable access series Drawing with Fred. It is based upon the chase scenes depicted in the 1950′s Popeye cartoons, when Popeye must chase baby Swee’pea.

During the short, Brandon takes on Popeye’s role to chase little Madison as she runs for the water. Brandon eats a can of spinach and helps to demonstrate the importance of wearing a life jacket along the way.

Music heard in the cartoon is from the original Popeye. The cartoon was animated by ARG! Cartoon Animation.

Becoming a cartoon character is not Brandon’s first or last taste of acting. His film work includes roles in BEG, Shutter Island, and Bridge Crusader. He has also done commercials for Latitude Gym and Subaru of Keene. Brandon is also a professional model and has recently dressed as Spiderman for a local toy store opening celebration. Future roles include the lead of Denver Parsons in the web series Crossing Denver.


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