Curves of Londonderry Celebrates a Birthday!

Local women’s fitness club reaches Tenth anniversary in local community

When Carole Sancoff, owner of Curves in Londonderry, opened the business ten years ago, the mission was to give the women in the Londonderry community a complete aerobic and strength training workout in a fun, supportive environment.  “It’s exciting to have been a part of the Londonderry community for so long, providing women with weight loss guidance and a fun, doable program,” said Sancoff. “We feel our success in Londonderry stems from not only the strength of the Curves brand, but our dedication to helping women get fit.”  Since Sancoff opened Curves of Londonderry in July 2002, women have been able to exercise in an environment designed strictly for them.

To celebrate the anniversary, Curves of Londonderry is waiving the service fee if you donate a backpack with supplies for less privileged children in the area  (a $99 savings).  Under the direction of Richard B. Kreider, PhD, FACSM, scientists have put the Curves fitness and weight-loss program to rigorous testing, scrutinizing its effects on hundreds of women. The results? Curves works! Women on the Curves plan have lost weight and kept it off, boosted their metabolism, lost body fat, gained muscle, and enjoyed several other significant benefits.

According to Sancoff, the Curves plan focuses on firing up the metabolism, small meals throughout the day, a broad variety of healthy food and strength training. Curves’ exercise program consists of thirty minutes of exercise three times a week, during which participants work all major muscle groups and receive a great cardio workout. It includes all five components of a complete exercise program: warm-up, strength training, cardio, cool down, and stretching.

In addition to a proven workout plan, Curves of Londonderry offers various programs to help motivate and assist women in obtaining a healthy lifestyle, including: CurvesSmart™ personal coaching system, a new technology pioneered by Curves that offers a precision designed workout, moment to moment feedback and progress reports to keep members motivated while they work out; and, an online weight-loss subscription service that provides subscribers with diet and fitness information, tools, experts and motivation to achieve their weight-loss goals. “We look forward to continuing the Curves program in the Londonderry area and helping women achieve their goals,” said Sancoff.

For more information on how to become a member, contact Carole Sancoff at 603-965-1088.

About Curves
Curves works every major muscle group with strength training, cardio and stretching in every 30 minute workout. Gary Heavin and his wife Diane are considered the innovators of the express fitness phenomenon that has made exercise available to more than four million women worldwide. With more than 10,000 locations in dozens of countries, Curves is the world’s largest fitness franchise. For more information, please visit:


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