“Back to the 80′s”

Kid’s Coop is at it again!  The summer teen show “Back to the 80’s” combines
the musical and dancing talent of 38 young actors and actresses along with a family friendly script under the direction of Jude Bascom and Ben Tibbets and choreographer Laura Micklovich.

Remember the Rubik Cube?  Max Headroom? The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?  How about “Back to the Future”, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “The Karate Kid”. These are the ‘favs’ of the graduating class of William Ocean High School as they go through the trials and tribulations of their senior year.

Presented in flashback mode, the decade may be different than what we are
living through now, but the teenagers haven’t changed: among the characters there is a computer nerd named Feargal McFerrin, III (Jacob Doble, Gilbert Hood MS), a dream boat named Michael Feldman (Michael DeRosa, Londonderry HS), a love-struck 17-year-old named Corey Palmer (John Rogers, Pinkerton Academy as the older Corey, from whose prospective the story unfolds,  Dan Cain, Londonderry HS as the younger Corey) and a girl next door, the center of many fella’s affection and the coolest girl
in school, Tiffany Houston (Katherine Paiva, Memorial HS).  There is the teenage drama of unrequited and misplaced love as well as the challenges students face when they come to a new school as seniors. (Picture of cheerleaders) This challenge is showcased through the stories of Mel and Kim Easton, the all singing, all dancing twin cheerleaders (Jennifer Berglund and Elizabeth Mak , Londonderry HS) and the bullied Eileen Reagan (Madeline Doris, Londonderry HS).  Life at William Ocean
High School becomes complicated from the beginning of the school year when class elections are held, pranks are set in motion and prom night approaches with the tension of who will have the best date.

And the trials and tribulations are not exclusive to the students, either.  Conservative English teacher Sheena Brannigan (Alyson Honeywell, Londonderry HS) has a secret of her own, involving a picture she allowed to be taken and the magazine it was featured in.  Her gentleman friend, Stevie Cocker (Driss Dallahi, Londonderry HS) is quite dismayed as he and Ms. Brannigan had been dating for 2 years and he never was privy to this side of her personality!

Many questions will be answered as the show progresses.  Will Corey get the girl? Will Michael be exposed for the sad sack he really is?  Will Eileen find friendship?  Will Feargal ever have a date with anything other than his computer?

Join these talented young adults that include Ben Vilnave, (homeschooled), Sarah Rodgers (Hood MS), Rebecca Beland and Sam Boyle (Pinkerton Academy), Sarah Cullinane (West Running Brook MS), Alexandra Burke (St. Michael’s in Dracut MA), Chantal,  Marielle and Rachelle Choiniere (homeschooled), Caley Blatchford, Clarie and Emma Neville, Erin and Stephanie Conti, Hailey Nartif, Kyra Angione, Mackenzie Kewley, Marissa MacDonald, Meghan and Ryan Reid, Shea Robinson, Victoria and Elizabeth Stubbs, Elana Gennell, Julia Fitzgibbons and Samantha Honeywell (all from Londonderry HS) and Rachel Alexander (HFA) as they sing and dance their way into our hearts and through their senior year at William Ocean High School.
Shows will be performed Friday, July 20th at 7pm and Saturday, July 21st at 1pm and 7pm.  Ticket prices are $12 for seniors and
students and $15 for adults.  All matinee tickets are $12.  Performances are at the Adams Memorial Opera House located at 29 East Broadway in Derry.

Further information and ticket information is available at www.kids-coop-theatre.org.


(pictures courtesy of  Kids Coop Theatre)


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