Strawberry and Cherry Seasons Closing Soon, Blueberries Opening this Weekend

Sweet red ripe Cherries are ready for picking in southern New Hampshire. Two locations will be open everyday; Sunnycrest Farm from 7am to noon and Elwood Orchards from 8am until 6pm.

The strawberry season will be wrapping up soon. The cherry season is short, lasting only a week so you will want to get out this weekend. Cherry picking started for 2012 on June 14th so it will be ending very quickly. Blueberries are opening this Saturday, June 23!

Remember picking with your mom and popping a few of the ripe red berries in your mouth (even though she told you not to) before you rushed home to prepare them for desert? This is one of those “Life is Better” moments in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Hundreds of Mom’s, Kids, Dads and even parents are out in the fields picking berries and making memories.

Driving down the scenic byway on Adams Road, off to the right you will see fields full of people picking strawberries. The cherries are a little harder to find. Park in the driveway to the south of the farm and walk to the west (into the orchards) follow the arrows. A left just after the maintenance barn then a right at the last grape trellis. Just follow the arrows, even if they have a blueberry on them you are headed for the cherry trees.

If you missed the morning crop at Sunnycrest, head over to Elwood’s. From Adams, turn left instead of right onto High Range, then right on to Elwood Road. Just past the power lines you will see some strawberry patches, the cherry trees are right on the roadway as you head to the farm stand. They are across from where the old grand barn burned down in the last century. If you do not see someone in the field head to the farm stand in the barn to get some containers and instructions.


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