School District Graduates More than 40 Seniors Wednesday

Over 40 Londonderry High School seniors graduated in a small ceremony this last Wednesday, June 6, 2012. These high school students participated in the Adult Education Program, a program designed to help decrease the drop-out rate. The students who graduated from this program received a diploma.

Graduating students of the Adult Education Program for 2012 are as follows:

  • Ashley R. Anderson
  • Kassandra Simone Arsenault
  • Scott Pierce Beliveau
  • Blaine A. Bellegarde
  • Anna Elizabeth Boulais
  • Thomas Robert Bourassa, Jr.
  • Lucas Butler
  • Brandon Michael Castiglione
  • Raymond Paul Cipoletti, III
  • Cameron Joseph Clivio
  • Alyssa Jean Cole
  • Erik Tucker Dalbec
  • Kerrie Ann Fisette
  • Brendan John Flattery
  • Brandon Anthony Gannino
  • Amanda Beth Hartwell
  • Janice Jean Harvey
  • James Lucas Koehler
  • Gage Cristoforo Kutney

  • Kendra Marie Larochelle
  • Kimberly Ann Larochelle
  • Destiny Elizabeth Maguire
  • Samantha Dianna Martineau
  • Michael Christopher Masiello
  • Rachael Mavrogeorge
  • Tia Marie Mavrogeorge
  • Krystal Rae Mello
  • Christina Marie Milliken
  • Michael Brenton Morrow
  • Matthew Joseph Murphy
  • Julie Ann Newell
  • Sean William O’Gorman
  • Madelyn Alicia Ortiz
  • Kristin Marie Pfau
  • Daniel James Rousseau
  • Brandon Scott Rozier
  • Michelle Ivette Tragno
  • Justin B. Viera
  • Nathaniel Robert Wilcox
  • Jesse Alan Wiley
  • Patrick McGarry
  • Torian Swan

While Londonderry High School requires students to earn 24 credits to graduate, Adult Ed follows the state’s requirements of 20 credits. Upon completion of the program, students do not receive a GED certificate. Instead, they receive a Londonderry High School Diploma. This successful program allows students, who would otherwise not graduate, the opportunity to receive their Diploma.

Congratulations to these students!

Images by Lauren Holahan

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  1. Vote -1 Vote +1Pat Slozak

    Congratulations to all of the graduates!! Job well done.

  2. Vote -1 Vote +1Martin Srugis

    Congratulations to the class of 2012. Given your size can any of you tell me why regular school was not for you? Why was this alternative school better for you??

  3. Vote -1 Vote +1John Robinson

    Martin, in addition to whomever may respond here, a few of the graduates talked about that during the ceremony. Try to catch the video on LEO-21 or online at when it becomes available.

    1. Vote -1 Vote +1John Robinson

      It’s on at 5PM on cable 21.

  4. Vote -1 Vote +1Martin Srugis

    I’ll try to catch it. I know it not easy to do it this way. Several employees that worked for me regret or at least did not have this available for them. Something they regret today.

  5. Vote -1 Vote +1Mac

    I would like to know why you say it is not easy to do it this way.

    This program offers students a lot of flexibility. There are some people that do not do well in a tradional school environment so having something like this program helps those students succeed. The reason charter schools have been so successful and popular is because they offer alternatives for students that a traditional school envirnoment cannot provide.

    My son strongly considered this option when he was in high school. He didn’t take advantage of it but I personally think it would have suited him much better. I am glad that Londonderry is willing to offer a program like this.

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