None Displaced After Multi-tenant Building Fire in Londonderry

Please note: this image is a stock photo from a Londonderry fire training exercise.

At approximately 5:00 PM On June 26, 2012, The Londonderry Fire Department responded to a reported building fire at 125 Sandstone Circle. Upon arrival crews were advised of a possible fire in the basement with moderate smoke conditions in the residence and one occupant reported to still be in the basement. Crews entered the residence and safely removed the occupant out of the building, who was treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation by Derry Fire Department.

Investigation found that a solvent was being used to clean glue residue off the basement floor, when a spark occurred and ignited the fumes in the basement. The flames flashed across the floor, up the wall to the ceiling and ignited the interior wall. The extension to the wall was quickly extinguished by fire crews. No further extension was found.

As this multi-tenant residential building is not equipped with sprinklers, the quick response from the fire department avoided multiple families from losing their homes and belongings. The call was placed under control at 5:21pm and all families were able to return to their residence for the evening.

The building was turned over to the property representative and the fire is being investigated by Fire Marshal Brian Johnson. The Londonderry Fire Department was assisted at the scene by companies from Windam, Derry and Hudson.


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