Lost Dog Looking for Home

An elderly dog that was found on Ross Drive and transported to the Londonderry Police Department on Sunday Evening June 3,2012.   Sadly this dog is in Very poor Condition and we are looking for an owner or the person that might be responsible for abandoning this Approx 14 Year Old Black Lab.

Granite State Dog Recovery has provided Vet Care for this dog that is Deaf and almost blind. We are traveling to the Police Station Kennel three times a day and Administering Medicine as there is no one on Site to help with this and we do not have our own kennel at this time.

We are looking for help in finding out the history of this dog or having a Licensed No kill Shelter step in to  help in providing this dog with a foster home so he can live out his days.  Please Help us get the word out, as it takes a village to get these dogs home.

Thank You
Holly Mokrzecki

Co-founder non-profit Organization – Granite State Dog Recovery.


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  1. Vote -1 Vote +1Mary Alice Kropp

    This just breaks my heart. My lab is about 11 and, yeah, his hearing is not great, his eyesight is a little cloudy, and he has trouble getting around sometimes. But I would never just dump him for being old. Poor guy.

  2. Vote -1 Vote +1connie

    Walter has found a forever home. To see, go to Facebook and friend Granite State Dog Recovery – an amazing group. You will see Walter’s new family and him sleeping in his very own bed! Will bring a smile to your face, I assure you of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great work GSDR!

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