Londonderry Breaking News for June 17th – 24th 2012

  • Sunnycrest Open: Baked Goods, Cherries, Strawberries, Farms own radishes. Green leaf lettuce., tomatoes, corn, potatoes, and summer squash #
  • NH Traffic ALERT: In Hooksett on I-93 SB there is heavy traffic at the Hooksett Toll Plaza. Expect delays. 1:45pm Sunday #MCweekend #
  • LPD investigating gun shots. LPD has done a check of the area and has determined that it is coming from the range at L'derry Fish and Game. #
  • Morning! @Al_Kaprielian: Early AM low clouds fog burn off Mostly Sun 70-75 Low clouds, fog mid 50's Tue night. Hazy Sun, H/H 90's Wed Thu #
  • Missing Cat in the Fieldstone Dr Condo Area can you help? Photos and info! on Londonderry List. #
  • Word is fresh corn will be at Sunnycrest tomorrow. Got some this weekend. Very Good. Bakery, cherries and strawberries. Blueberries soon! #
  • Don't forget Elwood Farm. Strawberries and cherries for the picking. #
  • Breaking TC News no junk yard wars this year. "A historic year no violations" from the town inspector. TC passes all yards for 1 year. #
  • Breaking News: LFD enroute to #9 Old Nashua road for a ANIMAL Rescue time out 8:26pm. No news on what kind of animal at this time. #
  • Listen in to the Animal Rescue on the Londonderry News Free scanner Rescue at the Estey Saw Mill E5 enroute. 8:28pm #
  • Engine 4 on scene 8:28pm at Estey Saw Mill for animal Rescue. details as they develop…. E5 reporting in service. no further information. #
  • Halfway through the morning picking at Sunnycrest Big Plump Strawberries! #
  • RT @dvautier: Hanging at @coffeeberries while they receive their new member plaque to @LondonderryCVC. #
  • LFD toned out to Manchester-Boston Regional Airport for medical emergency. Time 2:18 PM #
  • LFD toned out to Buttrick Road and mutual aid to Derry at Scobie Pond, both for medical emergencies. Time 3:47 PM #
  • Yard Sale Wednesday! 9am-1pm at LMS "Kickin' Cancer's Toosh" Details on Londonderry List #
  • LFD toned out at 7:53 pm for a residential fire alarm at South Parrish Hill Drive. #
  • LFD on scene 7:58 pm at South Parrish Hill Drive. Car 2 reports nothing showing. #
  • LFD reports South Parrish Hill Residential alarm under control. #
  • It is going to be HOT tomorrow. Mid-upper 90's #
  • RT @LondonderryNH: Londonderry Fire is headed to McDonald's for a medical reports of a male in his 40's in a car that is not alert. 11:04pm #
  • NWS Heat Advisory Afternoon Temps rise to 90's will feel like 103! a 30 degree increase from today. NWS advises to take precautions. #
  • It's 7am and I am going to get the best and biggest and & yes they will taste better than the ones from South America. #
  • Update made to Derry Parks and Rec Kidz Night story. Event canceled. Read the story for more details. #
  • Strawberry picking at both Elwood's Orchard and Sunnycrest. Big juicy berries for the picking and eating. #
  • Londonderry Fire is headed to 10 King Philip Drive for reports of an electrical odor in the building. Time out 10:52am #
  • LPD reporting blasting at noon in area of Kitty Hawk Landing. #
  • LFD toned out to Manchester-Boston Regional Airport for medical emergency. Time 11:52 AM #
  • Shucks I missed the morning Strawberry picking at Sunnycrest, No Problem! Ellwood is open! #
  • Yard Sale Extended!Till 3pm lots of great deals. Details on Londonderry List. List your event or sale FREE! #
  • Breaking News: LFD Medic headed to 4 Orchard Drive for a Structure FIRE mutual aid. Time out 1:09pm #
  • Engine 3 is headed to Station 1 in Derry on East Broadway for station coverage. Working FIRE at 4 Orcherd Drive in Derry. 1:17pm #
  • Breaking News:LFD headed to I93 southbound mutual aid to the town of Derry for a MVA time out 1:22pm #
  • Londonderry Fire on I93 is headed to the southbound weigh station for a medical. 1:25pm #
  • Reader: @CrazyMomNH: "@LondonderryNH Power's out on Lafayette Road!" Strange! Anyone else having outages? #WheresWatty #
  • LFD toned out to Coca Cola for alarm activation. Time 3:23 PM #
  • LFD also reporting residential fire alarm on Hemlock Street. Homeowner reporting nothing found, unsure why alarm is sounding. Time 3:28 PM #
  • LFD on scene at Coca Cola, investigating fire alarm activation. Time 3:31 PM #
  • LPD reporting shirt(?) on fire near southbound off ramp at Exit 5; requesting LFD but attempting to "stomp out" now. Time 3:55 PM #
  • LPD reporting LFD en route to fire while LPD continues extinguishing shirt fire near Exit 5 southbound off ramp. Time 3:59 PM #
  • LPD reports that fire has been extinguished. LFD has been canceled. #
  • NWS Heat Advisory Continues Heat index in the upper 90's through 7pm #
  • . RT @LondonderryCOTC: Thanks for the article about tonight's concert, @LondonderryNH! Starts at 7pm ART TOO! #
  • RT @MackNH: Massive canvas being worked during Concerts on the Common in @LondonderryNH tonight. #NHart It's ON! COC! #
  • RT @sharkie59: Perfect weather for a free concert! Come down to the Town Common tonight at 7 for some 60's music! #
  • RT @MackNH: plays 'til 8:30 on the @LondonderryNH Common. Free show! C'mon and invade! #
  • The grand slam of berries. Strawberries, Cherries, and Blueberries all available for fresh picking, Sat. Jun23 at Sunnycrest. #
  • Sunnycrest Bakery: specialty bread Zucchini, Apple, Naked apple, Pumpkin, like Mom and Grandmother made. From Scratch not frozen. Stand 9-6 #
  • Breaking News: LFD responding to Tanager Way for medical aid. Time out 1:12 a.m. Companies on scene 1:18 a.m. #
  • Morning! @Al_Kaprielian: Heat Advisory 11AM to 7PM Hazy Sun Hot Humid 95-100 Some Clouds Humid 67-72 Thu night. Showers, T-storms 85-90 Fri #
  • NWS has issued a HEAT Advisory from 11am this morning to 7pm tonight. Heat index values around 100 this afternoon. #
  • Did you know that Mr. Steer now carries over 12 types of sausages. Made fresh here in Londonderry. Stop by! Try some grilling tonight. #
  • Breaking News: LFD responding to Pinyon Place for medical aid. LPD also en route 10:35 p.m. #
  • Morning! @Al_Kaprielian: Weekend showers, t-storm end clearing low 80's Sat. AM sun PM inc clouds 75-80 Sun. Showers T-storms 70-75 Mon. #
  • Coffeeberries located in Apple Tree Mall has gourmet coffee. They have Londonderry goodies too. Get a cup & special treat to go today. #
  • Anyone like a sneak peek at the 2012 Graduation at the Verizon Center? Full length On-Demand Embeddable #
  • No NWS warnings (yet) today, but temps are climbing fast highs to 95 with high humidity. T-Storm will be nice for the Fruit. #
  • Info Tweet, that last tweet was delayed and not real time, in case someone was stealing the portable classrooms. :) #
  • Nice little cell coming through Ltown at 8:59 in the central area, Nice cool Rain! #
  • Farm News! A triple Play Day! Stawberry, Cherry & Blueberry U-Pick Londonderry. Where Business is Good. Life is Better! #
  • Special Weather Statement NWS indicates potential, strong thunderstorms could develop across NH this afternoon. Outdoors stay alert! #
  • Breaking News Londonderry Fire headed to 7 Jersey Street for a FIRE on the stove, time out 12:28pm Saturday #
  • Reports that dispatch told "fire on the stove" instructions "put a top on the pot and get out of the house. Time now 12:32pm LFD enroute #
  • LFD on scene of Cooking Stove Fire at 7 Jersey Street Reports under control at 12:38 food fire extinguished on stove. #
  • Breaking News Route 102 and Rockingham Road a transformer FIRE @PSNH notified. Power out in area. 3:02pm LFD on scene #


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