Independent Write-In Candidate for President

This issue could turn into a broadcast license challenge in Federal District Court.

I am an independent write-in candidate for president.

Running for U.S. president is a tough road to hoe, regardless who you are, especially for an independent outsider. But this time I expect to be elected, that, contingent on my delivering a political speech, or two, or three, on broadcast network television in the fall.

Fact is, neither of the parties’ anointed candidates inspires. They are winners, not leaders, with little to offer. Because both are equally not-so-hot, one cannot pick “the lesser of two evils.” The country, unable to choose is very liable to sit out the presidential election.

I believe I speak I win.

I bring to the table a Vehicle for World Peace, that in the form of The Book ov Lev It A Kiss, a 112 page prophetic double column hand lettered Television Scripture, lettered to perform on whirled wide television, like old blind Homer, from dusk until dawn, this time around for all peoples and nations at once, with every line a delicate sensible rhyme.

The New York Times foreign affairs columnist, Thomas L. Friedman is my choice for Secretary of State without portfolio, to give a hand getting all the nations to “officially” tune in as I intend before the November election to chart the course, publicly on television, for the World Peace TV Show that is going to ha pen in my first term, to change the course of human history on good ship Mother Earth.

The video below was made specifically to air on New Hampshire’s  WMUR-TV, at 1:00 a.m., for a potential audience of 10,000 viewers. Besides giving the viewers a test drive of my Vehicle for World Peace, I show a couple world events written down in advance and show also five million jobs waiting to ha pen, starting tomorrow a.m., besides a mortgage reform that saves every house and credit card reform that doubles the credit worthiness of the whole nation. All on the video for your view.

WMUR offered me the time slot to air the speech. I’d filed suit against them in Federal District Court over the debate they co-sponsored with CNN months ago. WMUR-TV holds their republican “debate,” in my view a mixture of Musical Chairs, Jeopardy and American Idol, the contestants running for world leader in two minute time slots between the commercial ads was in the “public interest” and therefore exempt.

I disagree and attached my complaint against WMUR-TV to my Federal District Court complaint against PBS for their refusal to allow access. Because Congress took away FCC jurisdiction over PBS from the FCC, into district court I could go, and the case is in the appellate circuit, headed to the Supreme Court.

WMUR-TV, to protect themselves, to make it clear they weren’t refusing to allow me access to speak, by their attorney sent me a certified letter making the airtime offer, and that was repeated by the head of their advertizing department. WMUR sent me letters describing the broadcast criteria, how many frames per second, my requirement to provide closed caption for the hearing impaired.

They have the tape and then suddenly I have to prove I am legally qualified to be voted for as a write-in in the state of New Hampshire. I have provided a letter from Secretary of State William Gardner about my right and legal qualification to be a write-in candidate for president in New Hampshire.

But evidently there is something that troubles them about my speech, yet I, the candidate am the one who is liable for what I say and WMUR-TV  does not have the right to censor my speech, so what is their prob limb? (Might there be an unnamed person tied to Federal Bureau of Eye stationed at the station who wants to play hardball with your humble poet? It’s fishy). The news papers in the state ought to find out because WMUR-TV sudden total silence does not make sense!

Other stations are willing to sell me time, but they don’t cover the whole state like WMUR-TV. Furthermore, New Hampshire is where I made my first live broadcast speech, in 1988, on NHPTV. I like New Hampshire.

Upon airing the current speech, which is only going to be my first, I make television history, the only candidate for president to deliver a substantial speech that only incidentally includes a program for World Peace. Obama and Romney are winners, not leaders. They don’t have a clue what to do or an unscripted speech between them.

Michael Levinson


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