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The Southern New Hampshire Montessori Academy, located in Londonderry, NH, is pleased to announce its new summer camp classes. The school offers summer camp programs to children grades pre-K through grade 3, ages three to nine. Its academic foundation focuses on teaching children mathematics, language arts, physical science and biology, and cultural studies. Along with these, children explore the creative arts, Latin and Spanish, Physical and Health Education, and Technology.

Like its namesake, Leonardo da Vinci, the programs balance science, technology and the arts, providing children with a curriculum that develops and strengthens current interests, as well as plants the seeds for future academic and extracurricular pursuits. Through hands-on involvement, Camp DaVinci provides a wide range of encounters where children “do”.

The new summer camp programs run from June 18th until August 10th. Programs are morning, afternoon and full-day focusing on Science/Math and Technology in the morning and Arts in the afternoon. The morning session runs from 8:30 until 11:30 AM and the afternoon goes from 1:00 until 4:00 PM. Before and after care are available, as needed.

“We have designed our summer programs to meet the diverse needs of families. We offer both half and full-day options, and no duplication of programs.  By doing so, our camps meet the needs of families that plan for their child to attend a broad-spectrum of camp programs over the summer, as well as those that are planning to register for the entire summer,” states Debra Hogan, Southern NH Montessori Academy Head of School.

The Montessori Academy summer program includes classes like “What’s that NOISE? Recycled Percussion Camp”, “Brickapalooza – City Building”, “Space Camp”, and “LENS: Animation, Filming and Photography”. Children will explore science experiments one week, fine arts, and theater in yet another.

For a list of the classes offered this summer and a brief description, click Read More!

Morning Classes

It’s Brickapalooza Time!
Have a budding engineer on your hands? We will build a town from the ground up out of Legos! Learn what is required to run a city from public works to essential services, schools to shopping malls!

Wicked Phab Physics Lab
Join Wicked Cool as we gear up for some phun physics!  In this ultimate physics challenge, kids will experiment with matter, motion and energy while learning how these concepts are related.  Things will begin moving as we build the Marble Ski Jump and Ping Pong Catapult.  We’ll smash and crash cars learning about inertia and Newton’s laws of motion. The fun continues with hands-on, fun-based explorations on motion, sound, light and heat.

GO! Things that Vroooooom!
Planes, trains and automobiles are just the tip of the engineering iceberg. We will spend a week exploring every form of transportation that rumbles over land, flies in the air or glides across great seas. Excellent for children of all interest levels, as we will blend art with science, sensory with research, imagination with real life problems. Building and designing how to make this go was never so much fun!

Earth Rocks!
Want an explosively good time? Then do we have a camp for you! Earth Rocks! the summer camp that really gets to the core of this planet. Spend a week learning all about the Earth, how it was formed from stardust, born in the heat of a supernova together with the sun and the other planets, the different climates and biomes on it. Spend time on an archeological hunt for answers to the questions of how people have interacted with the land. Educational and fun, this camp rocks!

Imagination Station!
If your child loves team work, then they will love Imagination Station! This camp puts campers in groups that work on solutions to instant challenges and activities that are open-ended and engaging. Perfect for a wide range of interests and talents, from technical to theatrical, your child will get learn leadership and how to be a team player. Child lead for true ownership and responsibility, we foster accountability and self confidence.

Journey into Outer Space
From our Earth’s atmosphere to the outer reaches of our solar system, this space camp sends them on a quest for exploration! Comets, planets, stars and more are all waiting to be discovered. Learn about the four forces of flight and participate in a rocket launch! Be an Astronaut-in-Training, participate in a Solar Launch and Space Voyage. You’ll want to keep your eye on the sky as this camp will be out of this world!

Super Duper Science Sampler
Does your child have a hard time picking which scientific field is their favorite?  Then Science Sampler is for them! Its something new every day! Explore five of the coolest branches of science on your way to becoming a certified Jr. Mad Scientist. Discover how birds fly, how bugs walk on water and learn what an owl eats as we dissect owl pellets in Biology; build towering structures and ingenious contraptions via Engineering; stir-up crazy concoctions that become candy and sidewalk chalk in Chemistry. It’s a camp so great it’s Super-Duper!

LENS: Animation, Filming, & Photography
Does your child want to learn what goes on behind the camera? Yearn to capture the world as they see it? Examine all the different genres of films and media and over the course of a week learn to work as an ensemble in order to write, direct, film, act in an original Movie. If a picture is worth thousand words, by weeks end your child will be speaking volumes. Learn about composition and lighting in our camera class. Discover the world of animation and the art of stop motion and make a flip book short.

Afternoon Classes

Curious and Curiouser!
Alice in Wonderland, the timeless nonsense story of a little girl who followed her imagination and fell down a rabbit hole. Come spend a week with us in Wonderland as we write, design and perform a production of this beloved children’s story in week!

Creatures from Outer Space!
Do you know what lurks beyond the horizon? Why it’s Creatures from Outer Space! Our hysterical sci-fi spoof that’s written and created by the Theater in a Week players! This is sure to be the talk of Nebula 5 this summer as we look to the 1950′s for inspiration for our campy creatures and star struck musical numbers.

HARK! A Medieval Summer Camp!
Has your child ever wanted to live at the Renaissance fair? Spend a week with us as we re-imagine life in the Middle Ages. Come and learn medieval history, castle and labyrinth design, and what life was life for the peasants and royalty. Hear the legend of Robin Hood and King Arthur, construct a medieval costume and learn to juggle and joust! We end with a Madrigal Feast where we will perform authentic medieval stories, songs, and plays.

What’s that NOISE!?
Why it’s the loudest, silliest, sound blasting summer camp yet! Does your child love to make big sounds? Ever wanted to play in a rock band? Love to bang on pots and pans? Follow us as we bang, bop, ploink and crash all manner of traditional and inspirational instruments. No prior musical experience required just a love of sound!

Say say oh playmate, come out and PLAY! with me, at a summer camp where we do nothing but play all week! Every child needs some time to just revel in creative play and that why we created this camp. Full of wacky and wonderful games and actives galore. Play tag, build forts, and throw water balloons and much, much more. It will be the talk of the summer!

The Art Institute
Have a future Picasso on your hands? Want to encourage their love of drawing? Let them find out if mixed media is for them? Then welcome to The Art Institute; where campers will learn all about art from abstract to acrylic, graphite to gauche. This week will include both introduction to and a deeper exploration of all the ways you can express yourself in the visual arts. Great for the experienced artist and those who haven’t picked up a crayon since the sandbox.

Art Around the World
Paris, Venice, NYC; the greatest artists of the world all had one thing in common – when they needed a little inspiration they traveled the globe! Don’t worry if you can’t afford a trip to the French Riviera for the summer, we’ve got all the inspiration they could need! Art Around the World will take students on a global adventure exploring a wide variety of techniques and mediums as well as highlight artists from the countries visited. Not only educational, it’s inspirational!

The Funny Pages: Cartoons and Comics
Does your child ever wish they could live in a pineapple under the sea? Daydream about super powers that would banish the bad guys? Have an imagination that goes on for miles? Spend a week creating a superheros and supervillains from costume to crusade. We’ll take them to the draft table to create our own comic books and cartoons as we learn all about the great characters from the funny pages. A great camp for any child who loves storytelling and creative play.

You can find more information about Camp DaVinci, including the registration form at the SNHMA website or by calling 818-8613, as well as email director(at)

Southern NH Montessori Academy offers an academically focused education to elementary aged children through an integrated curriculum. Concentration is given to educating the “whole child” (all facets of the child’s being, including: intellectual, physical, emotional, social and creative aspects) with a strong emphasis of hands-on and experiential learning where children develop their passion in technology, science, visual and performing arts, foreign language and physical education.

Creatures from Outer Space!


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