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New Emergency Alert Systems Coming Soon

Coming soon to Londonderry and around the country will be a wireless alert system known as Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA).

Simply put, most CMAS/WEA alerts will come mostly from NOAA’s National Weather Service to alert the public to severe weather such as tornadoes and hurricanes. The system can be used for other emergencies at the national and local levels, which may include notifications for events for a specific region or neighborhood.  The Town is currently reviewing the implementation of this tool to notify residents of local emergencies.

The alerts will appear as a regular text message over your mobile phone; you may receive alerts for a specific region if you are away from home and traveling through an area, as the system is designed to transmit to all mobile phones by cell towers in that particular region.   Per federal regulations, this service will be delivered to all mobile phones which are capable of receiving the alerts, unless a citizen opts out of the service.

If it is an imminent emergency in your area leave the area immediately or take shelter as well as turn to the radio or TV for further information. For more information on the CMAS\WEA Alert System and how it will work please visit FEMA website.


Local Museum Hosts Fashion Benefit Gala

On Saturday, June 30, 2012, Strawbery Banke Museum hosts the “Passion For Fashion Gala.”  The event, which supports the Museum’s education programs and preservation efforts, will take place under a tent on the Museum’s grounds at 14 Hancock Street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, beginning at 6 PM. The Gala is being held in conjunction with the Museum’s exhibit, “Thread: Stories of Fashion at Strawbery Banke, 1740-2012.”

Renowned fashion designer and television star, Austin Scarlett (“Project Runway: All-Stars” and Lifetime’s “On the Road with Austin and Santino”), serves as the evening’s Emcee. Museum patrons, Lawrence A. Larose and Janet Y. Larose, who co-curated the exhibit with Museum curator Elizabeth Farish, and conceptualized the event, serve as Co-Chairs.

The Passion For Fashion Gala, includes an elegant Champagne Reception and Celebrity Designers Runway Show, followed by a limited availability VIP Dinner.

Passion for Fashion co-chair Janet Y. Larose, Esq. and Gala host Austin Scarlett.

The Gala was inspired by Strawbery Banke Museum’s extraordinary collection of men’s, women’s and children’s fashion dating from the 1740 through the 1954. The Celebrity Designers Runway Show showcases a number of cutting-edge and contemporary designs by 19 extraordinary 21st century fashion designers represented in the Thread exhibit, paying homage to the diversity of the unique pieces contained in the Museum’s collection.Designers participating in the exhibit and the Celebrity Designers Runway Show include: Austin Scarlett, Epperson, Emily Muller, Carter Smith, Emma Hope, Philip Treacy, Katerina Lankova and Chesley McLaren and local designers including Sarah Beth Johnson, Sarah Koski , Bridget Bleckmann, Erana and Leah Kirk. The designers were inspired to use the historic collection as their creative force in the execution of their fashion forward garments.

The Passion For Fashion Gala promises to be an elegant and unforgettable evening and the highlight of the summer season for all those who attend. Guests are encouraged to wear “festive dress” (black tie optional).

In addition, a raffle to benefit Strawbery Banke offers a one in 200 chance of winning a package to attend New York Fashion Week 2012, including a wardrobe styling and image consultation provided by Amy McLaughlin Lifestyles, value $500; roundtrip airport transportation via Green Rides USA, value $220; Delta Airlines gift card, value $300; gift card for luxury accommodations in Manhattan, $800; dinner for two at Alfredo’s in Manhattan, value $300; and two tickets for New York Fashion Week 2012 to view the Spring Collection 2013 by Marchesa, value “priceless”.  Raffle tickets, $50 each, are also available on Strawbery Banke’s website: www.strawberybanke.org, and the holder need not attend the Gala to win.

In addition to Co-Chairs Lawrence A. Larose & Janet Y. Larose, Committee Members include: Barbara S. Adams, Joanna Brode, Meg Cavanaugh, Danna Dearborn, Sandie Dika, Nat Frasca, Rick Griffin, Sharon Griffin, Judy Hansen, Jane Hamor, Cynthia Harvell, Linda Higgins (Chair, Décor Committee), Vanda High, Cynthia Larose, Ann J. Malpass, Judy Nerbonne, Kathy Richards, Assiah Russell, Lisa Sammons (Chair, Dinner Committee), Gail Sudduth and Pamela Weeks.

Gala sponsors include: Lawrence A. Larose and Janet Y. Larose, Cynthia Larose,  JCM Management Co., Inc., Vivaldi Boutique, New York; Federal Savings Bank, Harrison J. Goldin; LunaChics; Mintz Levin, Boston; Ocean Properties, Ltd.; Portsmouth Blind and Shade Company, Riverwoods, Winston & Strawn, LLP, New York.  In-kind Gala sponsors include: Amy McLaughlin Lifestyles, Lisa Sammons Events, Vanda High Events, Wingate Salon and Spa, Salonista, Eccentric Hair, Wild Orchid Baking Company, Port City Lighting and Marshall Rental Center, Inc.

For more information on the Gala or to purchase tickets, please visit Strawbery Banke Museum’s website: www.strawberybanke.org/tickets. Guests may purchase tickets for the Champagne Reception and Celebrity Designers Runway Show ($75) or for the full Passion For Fashion Gala with preferred admission to the Champagne Reception & Celebrity Designers Runway Show and a place at the VIP Dinner ($250).

About Strawbery Banke Museum
Using restored houses, featured exhibits, historic landscapes and gardens, and interpretive programs, Strawbery Banke tells the stories of the many generations who settled in this Portsmouth, New Hampshire “Puddle Dock” community from the late l7th to the mid-20th century. The Thread exhibit at Strawbery Banke was made possible in part by grants from the Davis Family Foundation, the Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, The Coby Foundation, Ltd., the Roger R. and Theresa A. Thompson Endowment Fund and Elisabeth Bartlett Sturges.


Super 8

Next week we’ll be back with our regularly scheduled program of review of movies in theaters, but until then check out one of the best of last year’s summer movies!

This movie is a mix of a lot of things.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  There are simply several styles here, that are all working to fit into the movie.  The first is the classic 70’s early teen boy’s gang type of movie.  The Goonies, The Sandlot, Stand By Me, all these movies are centered around a young boy and his small group of friends.  That is one of the biggest things that this movie has going for it.  The other style is obviously a suspense filled monster movie type.  Which works to a point.

Easily the best thing about this movie is the focus on the group of kids who first see the event that leads up to the presence of an alien terrorizing their small 1970’s town.  That event is a train crash, which they witness and accidently record while filming a zombie movie. Soon mysterious things begin to happen in town, while the boys  (and girl) are left to wonder what exactly they saw that night.  The kids talk like kids, which I love to see in movies.  You always get those movies where kids are smarter than they should be, or they wait for everyone else to finish speaking before they do.  No way. That’s not how we are, kids yell and fight and argue constantly and use incorrect grammar and sentence structure.  These kids did that just like they did in those old movies, and that’s one of the things that made it all the more realistic here, kids acting like kids.  It also helped that everyone in this movie could seriously act.  The main boy, Joe, especially stood out, and so did the only girl, played by Elle Fanning (yes sister of Dakota Fanning but much less creepy).

There is actually very little to this plot, as you may expect.  How much more complicated than alien escape do you need?  I’m also not going to exaggerate more because J.J. Abrams is the sort of director who thrives on mystery (example: “Cloverfield”).  There is a lot of mystery for most of this movie; people are of course wondering what this alien looks like and why it’s stealing everybody’s microwaves.  The mystery is all right mostly because it’s not excruciatingly drawn out, and because every now and then Abrams throws us a bone and we see an arm or two just to keep us interested.  It’s also nice because it means we are just as in the dark about it as our heroes, which helps us empathize with their fear of the unknown; we’re sharing it.  Speaking of fear, this movie was actually pretty nerve racking.  I jumped about a dozen times (which did get kinda old) because the suspense was very real throughout the movie.  Abrams uses a lack of music effectively, instead of the usual build up or a shock note by a soundtrack.  Instead there was usually just quiet, again making it feel more real, because of course there would be no backing music in reality.

All in all I would say this is another decent summer movie, but I would see X-Men First Class before you go and see this.  You could get by renting this, but it’s a decent watch, especially if you’re an E.T. fan.

My Londonderry NH net rating, 3 seeds. 

Images Super 8 a Paramount Pictures (c) courtesy

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