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None Displaced After Multi-tenant Building Fire in Londonderry

Please note: this image is a stock photo from a Londonderry fire training exercise.

At approximately 5:00 PM On June 26, 2012, The Londonderry Fire Department responded to a reported building fire at 125 Sandstone Circle. Upon arrival crews were advised of a possible fire in the basement with moderate smoke conditions in the residence and one occupant reported to still be in the basement. Crews entered the residence and safely removed the occupant out of the building, who was treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation by Derry Fire Department.

Investigation found that a solvent was being used to clean glue residue off the basement floor, when a spark occurred and ignited the fumes in the basement. The flames flashed across the floor, up the wall to the ceiling and ignited the interior wall. The extension to the wall was quickly extinguished by fire crews. No further extension was found.

As this multi-tenant residential building is not equipped with sprinklers, the quick response from the fire department avoided multiple families from losing their homes and belongings. The call was placed under control at 5:21pm and all families were able to return to their residence for the evening.

The building was turned over to the property representative and the fire is being investigated by Fire Marshal Brian Johnson. The Londonderry Fire Department was assisted at the scene by companies from Windam, Derry and Hudson.


NH Towns Celebrate with Fireworks Shows 2012

Many fireworks shows are scheduled over the next week for towns throughout New Hampshire. From Alton and Amherst to Waterville Valley, there’s sure to be a fireworks display near you. Be sure to check the map below, or the chart featuring the list of towns that will be hosting fireworks this holiday season!

View Independence Day 2012 Fireworks in a larger map

Use the search box to look for your hometown or a town that would interest you to see how they’re celebrating Independence Day this year!

6/30DublinduskDublin Lake
7/3AltonduskAlton Bay
7/3AmherstduskSouhegan High School
7/3AshlandduskL.W. Packard Battlefield
7/3HancockduskNorway Pond
7/3Manchester9:30 PMArms Park
7/3PelhamduskPelham Elementary School
7/3PortsmouthduskLeary Field
7/3RochesterduskRochester Fairgrounds
7/3Salem9:45 PMCanobie Lake Park
7/4BrentwoodduskRockingham County Nursing Home
7/4Center HarborduskCenter Harbor Bay
7/4ColebrookduskTown Athletic Field
7/4Conway9:45 PMSchouler Park
7/4Derry9:00 PMHood Commons
7/4Gorham10:00 PMTown Common
7/4HamptonduskHampton Beach
7/4Laconia10:00 PMOpechee Park
7/4Lebanon10:00 PMStorrs Hill
7/4LincolnduskHobo Railroad Parking Lot
7/4Meredith9:00 PMHeskey Park
7/4Merrimack9:00 PMMerrimack High School
7/4NashuaduskHolman Stadium
7/4New BostonduskCounty Fairgrounds
7/4OssipeeduskConstitution Park
7/4Pittsburg10:00 PMMurphy’s Dam
7/4RyeduskParson’s Field
7/4Salem9:30 PMSalem Middle/High School
7/4Sanbornton9:30 PMSteele Hill Resort
7/4Waterville Valley9:30 PMTown Square
7/7BristolduskKelley Park
7/7FranconiaduskDow Field
7/7PeterboroughduskConval High School
7/7SunapeeduskSunapee Harbor


The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Well it certainly wasn’t what I was expecting.  I went in thinking I was about to see a heart-warming family film.  What I got was less a kid-friendly story then I was anticipating; the tale of a fox and his battle against three nearby farmers.  He and his friends join forces to fulfill a sort of mid-life crisis feeling. fantasticmrfox_6-535x356 The story is riddled with random jokes, teenage angst and evil plots.  And Wes Anderson treats all of his characters, though most are animals, as though they are humans.  All of them walk upright, wear clothing, and have human mannerisms.  That’s what really made this movie work for me; he separated our character animals, Mr. and Mrs. Fox and their friends, from the other animals, like the chickens and pigeon’s the farmers raise.  So anyway, the story goes that Mr. Fox moves his family to a new home in a tree, and goes through a sort of mid-life crisis; he misses his old job as an animal thief, even though he promised his wife 12 years ago, right before their son Ash was born, that he would retire from such a dangerous line of work.  Mr. Fox decides on one last big heist, and there’s where the trouble begins.

He and his friend Kylie, who’s an opossum, have managed to pilfer 2 out of the 3 nieghboring farms when they get caught by the meanest farmer of all: Franklin Bean.  fantastic-mr-fox-drain He and the other 2 farmers team up and try to kill Mr. Fox, but only succeed in shooting off his tail.  Meanwhile, his teenage son Ash is struggling to compete with his cousin Kristofferson, who is staying with the family while his Dad recovers from pneumonia.  The character of Ash really stole the movie for me.  His development really was the best out of anyone else and by far the most interesting.

The foxes and their animal neighbors are forced underground by the destruction caused by the three farmers, and the rest of the fantastic-mr-fox-robbers movie is spent running, hiding, and plotting.  The entire thing is hilarious all the way through, but less because of actual jokes then because it’s just so incredibly random.  Almost very funny moment is due to bewilderment, which works when you see it with the right people, and defiantly with an audience, but I wondered if I would have found it as funny if I’d seen it alone.  So if you’re going to see it, take a friend with a good sense of humor.

The fantastic-mr-fox-2 animation is a marvel in itself and was absolutely worth the price of admission.  Its stop motion and it is a wonder to watch.  Anderson has done everything right here; it’s defiantly not Wallace and Gromit.  In fact I don’t think I can really think of another movie I’ve seen that looks the way this one does.  The music is also perfectly fitted the whole way through, both score and soundtrack.

The only complaints I really had with this was that I didn’t feel like I walked away with anything substantial.  Yeah it was funny when we were watching because of all of the random events and one-liners.  But did the story really stick with me?  Not really, in fact I walked away a feeling a bit Three seeds on EJ Lee's Movie Rating System cheated out of one, Ash’s character being the one exception.  Would I recommend you see it?  Absolutely.  It’s sharp, it’s funny, and it’s entertaining.

My Londonderry NH net rating, 3 seeds.

Images The Fantastic Mr. Fox a 20th Century Fox Film Corporation (c) courtesy

Visit the Fantastic Mr. Fox website for trailers and promotions.


New Riders of the Purple Sage and More Just Booked

Ticket Update
JOHN GORKA – Only 12 tickets remain!
BRUCE MARSHALL GROUP – Only 50 tickets remain!
HOWARD JONES – Only 7 tickets remain!
TAB BENOIT – Only 7 tickets remain!
PAULA POUNDSTONE – Only 40 tickets remain!
BLUE SKY RIDERS – Selling Fast!
AL STEWART – Selling Fast!

This Week
John Gorka is an honored icon of folk tradition. Energetic acoustic music that is not a trend, not a fad, but an expression of everyday life, is his trademark. John’s rich baritone voice and unique songcraft weave a magical spell that can only be described as ‘Gorka.’

The Bruce Marshall Group formed in 1991 and has been performing and recording steadily throughout the US since their inception, delighting crowds and garnering rave reviews at every stop. The Bruce Marshall Group live show treats their fans to a soaring ride as they rip through a catalogue of original material that truly sets this band apart. They love to mix it up, whether it’s pulling off exciting jams that build with dynamics and layering, or playing the concise arrangements of their songs with discipline and taste. The sound defies categorization, slipping seamlessly around touches of Blues, R&B, Country Blues and Southern Boogie. The songs are mostly upbeat, but even those dealing with love lost and missed opportunities, carry an underlying sense of hope and optimism. The band continues to work tirelessly, has started working on their next CD and must be experienced live to be fully appreciated.

The Left Banke produced two of the most enduring and bittersweet songs of the 1960’s – “Walk Away Renee” and “Pretty Ballerina” – which have been covered by everyone from Rickie Lee Jones to Alice Cooper.
However, the group’s impact goes far beyond their placement on the Billboard Top 20 charts. Their pioneering use of Classical string arrangements and lush vocal harmonies helped usher in the “Baroque Pop” movement—soon championed by The Beatles, Beach Boys, Love and Procol Harum. Interest in Left Banke’s now-classic catalogue has continued to soar in the intervening decades, with their out-of-print albums trading for over $150 online, until Sundazed Records reissued “Walk Away Renee/Pretty Ballerina” and “The Left Banke Too” in 2011 (selling over 15,000 units in the first months of release!). And the band’s huge influence is apparent in the new Baroque Pop revival exemplified by artists like Belle & Sebastian and Regina Spektor.
No longer able to resist the calls for a reunion, founding members Tom Finn and George Cameron have reformed The Left Banke for their first live performances since 1970. In order to recreate the unique sound of their recordings, Finn and Cameron have assembled some of New York City’s finest musicians, including long-time Left Banke collaborator Charly Cazalet on bass, Mike Fornatale (lead vocals, guitar), Paul Alves (guitar), Mickey Finn (keyboards), and the Grip Weeds’ Rick Reil on drums, along with a small string section. The recent NYC-area reunion shows (including 2 sold-out nights at Joe’s Pub, and a holiday performance with NYU’s All-University Choir) have generated a tremendous amount of buzz among music journalists and fan-sites, and the band is now gearing up to actively tour throughout 2012!

New Bookings
September 7 AMY HELM
The daughter of Levon Helm (of The Band), Amy is a great musician in her own right. As part of the band Ollabelle, her music has touched hundreds of thousands of people. Come see Amy as part of a more intimate nigh of music that she will share with us and some of her dad’s band members.

New Riders of The Purple Sage got its start in 1969 as a vehicle for Jerry Garcia to practice his pedal steel guitar, a long strange trip that brought the band to the Palace Theatre for several shows in the early 1970s. But the Riders are back. They re-formed last year with original band guitarist/vocalist David Nelson and longtime group pedal steel player Buddy Cage in the fold. Sure, the Riders are rooted in the past. But they are much more than mere musical ghosts— All in all, the New Riders of the Purple Sage were enjoyable on Thursday night. This band is more than just a shadow of its former self; they continue to be the real deal.

October 14 TINARIWEN
The band was formed around 1979 in refugee camps in Libya but returned to Mali after a cease-fire in the 1990s. Tinariwen are often associated with just one image: that of Touareg rebels leading the charge, machine gun in hand and electric guitar slung over the shoulder. The founding members abandoned their weapons long ago and have engineered a minor aesthetic revolution by setting the electric guitar – the instrument which became their mascot and made them famous – to one side and giving pride of place to acoustic sounds, recorded right in the heart of the desert, which is the landscape of their existence, the cradle of their culture and the source of their inspiration.
Tinariwen’s music and sensibility have always been close to the American Blues and on ‘Tassili’ they re-enact the emotions of an individual who finds himself face to face with loneliness and doubt, gripped by torment, the prisoner of inextricable circumstances (‘Djeredjere’). But that individual also manages to find hope in the strength of his community (‘Imidiwan Wan Sahara’) or in the simple pleasure afforded by insignificant daily moments, as on the song ‘Takest Tamidarest’, sung by Abdallah, which drops us right in the middle of the desert, with its slow-baked pace that lends itself to pure contemplation of man’s surrounding and to profound inner meditation. For that reason, ‘Tassili’ isn’t just an extraordinary musical moment, in which Tinariwen repossess their own art to the extent that they feel completely relaxed about inviting others into their world, it’s also a shared human experience of rare quality.


Food Truck Festival Coming to New Hampshire

The New England Food Truck Festival is rolling into New Hampshire this weekend, bringing with it deliciousness of all sorts. Beginning this Saturday, June 30, 2012, at 11 AM, the New Hampshire Food Truck Festival will feature food, trucks, and other fun activities.

Participating trucks include Bon Me, Daddy’s Fried Dough, Frozen Hoagies, Grilled Cheese Nation, Slush King, Lobsta Love, the Whoo(pie) Wagon and more. Anywhere from twenty to thirty trucks are expected to attend!

Attendees are invited to purchase “taste tickets” to be used like currency at the trucks. Tickets will be sold in increments of ten for a dollar each – $10 for 10 tickets. The festival will be held at the Rockingham Park in Salem, NH, from 11 AM until 4 PM.

Can’t make it Salem for the festival? The traveling food truck event will be hosted at a number of towns throughout the region through October! Other scheduled dates and locations include:

  • July 14: The Worcester Food Truck Festival at Elm Park, Worcester, MA
  • July 28: The Charles River Food Truck Festival at DCR’s Artesani Herter Park, Brighton, MA
  • August 25: The Cape Cod Food Truck Festival at Barnstable Fairgrounds, Falmouth, MA
  • September 8: The Lowell Food Truck Festival at the Tsongas Center, Lowell, MA
  • September 22: The Suffolk Downs Food Truck Festival, East Boston, MA
  • September 29: The Shipyard Food Truck Festival at, Hingham (Shipyard), MA
  • October 6: The Framingham Food Truck Festival at Shoppers World, Framingham, MA
  • October 20: The Newport Food Truck Festival at the Newport Yachting Center, Newport, RI

For more information, visit the Food Truck Festivals website.


The Blues Have Landed!

Wednesday June 27th is a day I won’t soon forget.  I was chosen to fly with the NH ANG 157th Refueling Wing out of Pease ANG base in Portsmouth, NH.  We would be on a mission to refuel the USN Blue Angels before their arrival to the Service Credit Union Boston-Portsmouth Airshow. I arrived at 11:30AM and after signing some waivers I boarded a blue bus and was taken inside the base.

Maj Denton & Lt Costa

We then went through another screening, similar to a TSA screening before boarding a commercial airline, and then had our pre-flight briefing.  We were then bused over to another building where the 157th Wing Commander Col. Paul “Hutch” Hutchinson gave us a history of the base.  We also had a Q&A session in which we were able to ask questions about our flight.  We would be flying down to South Carolina and meeting up with the Blue Angels for the refueling run.

Our Awesome Flight Crew

After our briefing ended we were then bused over to the KC-135R’s.  There were two of them callsigns were Pack 61 and Pack 62.  I was in the trailing KC-135R callsign Pack 62.  We were able to get situated and took off shortly thereafter.  Once airborne we could walk freely around the aircraft.  We were able to explore the cockpit and where the boom operator refuels the aircraft.  The boom operator lies flat on his stomach and I was able to operate the boom before the Blue Angels arrived.  It was a really a once in a lifetime experience.

Blue Angels arriving off our wing

Refueling Blue Angel 6

Blue Angels 4, 5 & 6 showed up off the right side of the plane and were ready to refuel.  Blue Angels 5 and 6 were on the right side of the plane right off our wingtip while Blue Angel 4 refueled.  The 3 jets took turns refueling, Blue Angels 1, 2, & 3 were assigned to Pack 61 ahead of us.  Once the jets were all fueled up they got into formation behind us and turned on the smoke.  I was right in the boom operators seat when this happened.  Luckily, I was there as they only were in this position for a very short time.  They then flew in formation to behind Pack 61 and stayed there for a short while.

The Blue Angels broke off from us and stayed around 24000 feet and we ascended to 33000 feet.  They were soon out of sight and we were headed back to Pease for our landing.  The Blue Angels arrived at Pease before us and actually flew over my house in Derry.  I was fortunate enough to ride in the cockpit during landing.  We had a terrific flight crew headed by Pilot Maj Denton, Co-Pilot Lt Costa, MSgt Ingram, SMSgt Jauss and MSgt Girouard were our boom operators.

Formation Flying behind Pack 62

Hats off to the men and women of the 157th Air Refueling Wing a vital part of our NH community.  You can see the Blue Angels perform at the Service Credit Union Boston-Portsmouth Airshow Saturday June 30th and Sunday July 1st.  Gates open at 8AM both days.  To purchase tickets visit the airshow website.

Blue Angels 5 & 6 off our wing

Pete Langlois lives in Derry with his wife and 2 children. Pete works in the information technology banking sector as a systems administrator. He is an accomplished photographer and loves to shoot at air shows & balloon festivals.  He also enjoys shooting waterfalls, nature and macro photography. You can view his outstanding images on his website

Blue Angels 4 and 5 off our wing

Blue Angels flying in formation behind Pack 61 taken from the cockpit of Pack 62

Final Approach