Kids Crafts for the Month of May

I believe children learn best when they do not even realize they are learning! Enjoy these activities that incorporate hands-on projects while touching on a child’s five senses.  Three major academic areas, math, science and language, are focused on, as well as some crafty and tasty treats.

Have Fun and Enjoy Your Children!

May Theme:  Spring

Song:  Old Mc(child’s name) Had a Garden (Old McDonald)
Old Mc(child’s name) had a garden, Ee-igh, Ee-igh, oh.
In his garden he had to plant, Ee-igh, Ee-igh, oh.
With a plant-a-seed (bend and plant motion) here and a plant- a -seed there,  Here a seed (point here and there) there a seed, everywhere a garden seed.
Old Mc (child’s name) had a garden, Ee-igh, Ee-igh, oh.

In his garden he had to water…..
Sprinkle, sprinkle here (use arm motions)….

In his garden he had to hoe…….
Chop, chop here (bend and hoe motion)…….

(feel free to add more lyrics)

Math:  Measuring the Marigolds
Need: ruler, tape measure or yardstick
Go for a nature walk and have fun measuring flowers, small plants, even sticks.  Count the inches for each and record your findings.  Talk about the longest, shortest flower, stick etc….

Science:  Growing Grass
Need: grass seed, soil, small containers

  • Talk about what plants need to grow: sun, water and soil.
  • Put soil in 3 different containers.  Sprinkle grass seeds on each container.  Water lightly.
  • Put one container in a windowsill, one in a shady area and one in a dark place (closet)
  • Ask your child what they think will happen.  (grass seed only take a few days to germinate so have fun checking)

Language: ABC Flowers
Need: wipe board or paper

  • Draw a circle for the center of the flower.  Put a letter in the middle of the flower.
  • Have your child draw a petal for each word they can give that starts with that letter.
  • Which letter has the most petals?

Art: Butterflies
Need: coffee filters, clothes pins, pipe cleaners, watercolors

  • Let your child paint a coffee filter with the watercolors.  (dries quickly)
  • Push the clothespin down the middle of the filter.
  • Wrap a pipe cleaner around the top of the clothespin for antennas.
  • Draw eyes and a smile.

Tasty Treat:  Worms in Dirt
Need: chocolate pudding, Oreos, gummy worms

  • Spoon pudding into a clear cup.
  • Add gummy worms so they are hiding in the dirt.
  • Crunch up Oreos (dirt) and sprinkle on top on the pudding (mud).
  • Have fun with this gooey gross dessert!

Corrie Binette is the owner of The Learning Stop.  It is located in the Londonderry Commons on 44 Nashua Road.  The Learning Stop is a Preschool-Kindergarten and also provides after Moose Hill care and drop-off hours.  For more information please visit their website or call 434-0082.


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