NH Resident Begins Travel Tour Business

Terrapin Tours, LLC announced that they will be offering group tours from the White Mountain and Lakes Regions to other areas in New England and beyond. Group tours will be offered year-round from Lincoln, NH and surrounding towns to Boston, New York, Maine, and other areas.

Kelly Cooke, a lifelong resident of the Lincoln, NH area started Terrapin Tours in December, 2011. Mrs. Cooke worked in the travel industry starting in 1996 and has worked as both a travel agent and a tour director. In 2005, Mrs. Cooke left the travel industry and began a career in marketing, but always knew that she wanted to return to the travel business. Thankfully, in the past year, the pieces all fell together and the dream of Terrapin Tours became a reality.

While Terrapin Tours will operate like many other tour companies – offering day and overnight trips to areas within driving distance of New Hampshire – the company is striving to offer something a little different. Cooke states that the “ultimate goal is to provide tours that offer good value while offering guests time to ‘stop and smell the roses.’ Often times group tours are known for rushing from one place to another and spending so many hours ‘on the go’ each day that guests are left exhausted and unable to enjoy the sights that they are seeing. Terrapin Tours, while still being active trips, will focus a little more on the guests getting to know each other and taking time to enjoy each activity  – in some sense, it is a ‘less is more’ theory on travel.”

The company name and logo follow suit, symbolizing a tour that will offer a less hurried and rushed tour. To Cooke, the whole point of traveling is to have fun and enjoy the whole experience, not to run through tourist attractions on a checklist just to say you’ve been there. “I have been fortunate enough to travel throughout most of the US and many destinations abroad, and I hope that I can bring my love of travel to people in this area and enable them to go places that they may otherwise not travel to on their own.”

The benefits of traveling with a group tour are not lost on Mrs. Cooke – who has traveled with several different companies while traveling with her father. Traveling with an organized tour allows travelers to relax and enjoy their vacation (even if it is just for a day!) because traveling on an organized tour takes the worry out of trip planning and traveling. There is no need to worry about driving in a city that you aren’t familiar with, trying to find attractions and restaurants; and you don’t have to worry about booking your hotels and transportation because it is all being taken care of for you. In addition you reap the benefits of traveling with other people that share your interests and may become lifelong friends.

The company’s first tour will be to the Boston Flower and Garden Show on March 17th, 2012. The Boston Flower & Garden Show is a premier event held at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. Guests can spend a day marveling at the breathtaking beauty of hundreds of spectacular professional garden and floral designs, enjoying lectures and demonstrations from top floral professionals, and shopping from nearly 200 vendors. Reservations are now being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

In addition to the Boston Flower & Garden Show, Terrapin Tours has confirmed trips to Coastal Maine this summer and the Boston Christmas Festival in November. Additional tours are being considered and will be announced throughout the year. The year is scheduled to wrap up with a holiday tour to New York City in December.

To learn more about Terrapin Tours, visit their website!


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