Conley for Town Moderator

I would like to begin by thanking for allowing all candidates the opportunity to inform the voters of Londonderry.

I am asking for your vote as I run for re-election as town moderator. Being the moderator means a lot more than going to the yearly town deliberative session or showing up at the gym on the morning of an election. Preparing for an election begins weeks prior to the day of the election.  The moderator must work closely with the Town Clerk, Supervisors of the Checklist, School Department and the Police and Fire Departments, to ensure that voters have a positive experience from the time they enter the parking lot, to receiving their ballot and casting their vote.

In preparing for an election, the moderator must make arrangements for temporary workers, ensuring they are trained and updated on all election laws to ensure that the integrity of the election is upheld. The moderator is responsible for making certain the polling place is prepared for the election-the proper number of voting booths are set up, each booth is prepared as directed by law. Voting machines must be tested, sealed and zeroed out prior to each election.  The ballots must be counted by hand when they arrive from the state to be sure the number they said they sent is the number we actually have.

During the election day, the moderator oversees the voting process, distributing ballots to ballot clerks, clearing booths of political material, opening and processing absentee ballots, and handling spoiled ballots-ballots that voters have made an error on, closing the polls, totaling the machine tapes, declaring the results and re-counting all ballots to make certain that we end with the same number of ballots we began with.  Once the ballots are counted, they are boxed and sealed to be stored in the town vault.  Once this is completed, forms from the state must be completed and sent to Concord.

The second portion of the Moderator’s position is the running of the Deliberative Session.  Again, the moderator needs a good working relationship with the Town Manager, the Town Council, Town Clerk and Supervisors of the Checklist to ensure a smooth Deliberative Session runs smoothly.  Contingency plans must be made for a variety of scenarios that include inclement weather, larger than expected turn out and security.

Having volunteered as a ballot clerk (1985-2000), an assistant moderator (2000-2004) and as moderator (2004-present) I have the experience and knowledge of each phase of the election process.  In addition, I have been trained to comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and HAVA (Help America Vote Act).  I also attend annual training conferences presented by the State.

I have lived in Londonderry for 34 years with my husband John, we raised our daughter here and she attended Matthew Thornton, the junior high school and LHS. Volunteering is a huge part of my life and includes past PTA president of MT, the junior high and Dollars for Scholars.  I was on the building committees for the Town Hall, High School and Kindergarten.  I continue to volunteer as the opportunities arise and work with the LHS video production class and do shows on LACTV.

Please, consider my experience, knowledge and commitment when voting for moderator on Tuesday, March 13 at the LHS gym from 7 AM – 8 PM.

Thank you.

Cindi Rice Conley

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