Londonderry Middle School Boys Basketball Still in First Place

The LMS Boys M Basketball team now sports a 7-1 record and sits atop the standings in their division.  Merrimack and Salem are a game behind at 6-2 in the competitive league.

LMS won their sixth straight game with a solid effort against Nashua Catholic, who are new to the Division this year.  The Storm boys opened a comfortable 22-12 lead at the half behind the strong play of Cam Reddy and Nick Dailenas.  Nashua Catholic came out for the third quarter and hit three quick hoops, but 6 points from Joe Hession and 5 from David Wiedenfeld answered that threat.  Nashua again made a run in the fourth quarter with a frantic 19 points, but Matt Corey caught on fire and drained 4 acrobatic, twisting efforts for 8 points and LMS took a solid 55-41 victory.

Next up was Woodbury of Salem, who sported a 5-1 record with only a last second loss to Merrimack to blemish their record.  LMS jumped out to an eight to nothing lead after three minutes, with hustle and good passing, but when the buzzer sounded to end the period LMS only owned an 8-5 lead and from there to the final buzzer it was a knock-down fierce dog fight. Salem intensified their defense, but point guards Josh Wasserman, Cole Britting and Cam McDonald stayed calm and continuously made good passes to the open man.  It was a war on the boards, as the refs let the boys play.  Simon Berry, Dakota Bertrand and Tim Zepf fought for every rebound as the lead went back and forth.  The scoring of Hession (11) and Reddy (8) kept Londonderry in the game.  With the score tied 34-34 and about 10 seconds left in the game, Jake Stevens, who finished with 10 points, calmly drained a short jumper for a 36-34 lead.  A last second Salem half court shot hit the rim and bounced away.

On Thursday the 15th LMS travelled to Merrimack to face the always dangerous Merrimack boys.  Londonderry was 7-0 while Merrimack, with losses to Londonderry and Nashua was 5-2.  The game started out at break-neck speed, and only got faster as it progressed.  Behind 3-point shots by Hession and Dailenas and 6 points from Stevens, LMS held a 14-13 lead after one quarter.  Six players scored for LMS in the second quarter as they took a 27-22 lead into the halftime locker room.  Merrimack started the third quarter with four quick hoops while Londonderry went ice cold.  When the buzzer sounded it was 34-34 after three.  Then things really got bad for the LMS boys.  Merrimack exploded for 16 fourth quarter points while LMS managed one McDonald hoop, and the game ended with LMS’ first loss of the season 50-36.

A Londonderry Resident, Bob Napolitano is extremely active in Londonderry Sports. Bob even published a sports news paper he hand delivered to homes in the 1990′s.


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  1. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Russell

    I don’t know when we have enjoyed watching basketball so much as watching the LMS team. They are fast, enthusiastic, daring, energenic, and very skilled for their age group. Sometimes we are amazed at many of the ref’s calls when no one has strong armed anyone and then don’t make a call when it is obvious they’ve been elbowed or pushed by the opposing team. Perhaps they are trying to even it out a little as our team makes basket after basket, but LMS has proved time in and time out, if at all possible they are there to win.
    We have never seen so many 3 pointers by both the extreme maneuvability and fastness of the LMS abilities of their highly skilled shorter athletes and the work they have put in to pass it to the taller players who are closer to the basket, but would have a harder time getting to the basket without the layups of their LMS team and rymthm they have all honed. LMS is a study in teamwork. As our whole family watches the game( including grandparents and aunts and uncles, we are amazed at how winning the game is the goal and not taking a shot they most likely could shoot is less important than setting up a play that will almost always guarantee them a basket. I am always surprised when the game ends and I walk away wanting to watch more of this amazing team.

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