Falvey to Collect Signatures This Weekend

Tomorrow, Saturday, December 31, 2011, several will gather on the Town Common from 9 AM until 4 PM to collect signatures for a manifesto regarding the Woodmont Commons development. The manifesto was prepared by Jack Falvey and begins, “If you are in agreement with this citizen view of the Woodmont Project, please sign this document to express your will to the elected and appointed officials of our town…” Residents are urged to stop by the Common, talk with supporters of the manifesto, and sign the document.

The document brings up many concerns the citizens of Londonderry feel have not been addressed by the developers and Planning Board. The document states, “New costly expansions of fire, police, highway and schools would be required and these additional costs have not been estimated or addressed as the developer wants the zoning changed first and the costs dealt with after the fact.  This document opposes that order.”

Other key points in the manifesto include:

“This document supports open public discussions of zoning changes before specific plans are considered.”

“This document opposes the destruction of the existing one acre per dwelling economic model of Londonderry that all residents have agreed to for the past fifty years.”

The document can be obtained and printed here, then simply dropped off either at the Londonderry Leach Library or at the Town Common tomorrow. Jack Falvey will also be at the Millennium Mile Road Race on Sunday accepting signed manifestos and signatures.


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