Londonderry Announces New Acceptable Recyclables

The Town of Londonderry recently announced that the town’s recycling contractor, Republic Services (Allied Waste), has added to the list of recyclable items they will now collect. These recyclable items can be left curbside on the usual trash pickup day, or can be delivered to the Londonderry Drop-Off Center during its regular season.

The company will now accept most all rigid plastics, with or without a recycling symbol. However, items too large to fit in recycling containers must be brought to the Drop-Off Center and cannot be left curbside.

Plastics acceptable curbside:

  • Disposable plastic cups, straws, stirrers, lids, plates, utensils
  • K-cups, individual cream containers, yogurt containers (with foil lids removed)
  • Plastic flower pots and trays
  • Plastic pastry or fruit containers or take-out containers
  • Plastic toys
  • Empty plastic 1 thru 2.5 gallon gasoline containers

These plastics will be accepted curbside, as long as they are wiped clean, and are small enough to fit in your recycling container.

There are plastics that residents cannot recycle. These include:

  • Styrofoam
  • Plastic tarps
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic wrap.
  • CDs, cassettes and records
  • Plastic auto parts

Any plastic items too large to fit in your recycling container will be accepted free at the Drop-
Off Center at 13 Recovery Way, off West Rd, open seasonally on Saturdays 8 to 4 PM. The Drop-Off Center will close for the year on November 19, 2011.

Plastics acceptable at the Drop-Off Center:

  • Children’s plastic play houses, toys, and equipment
  • Plastic floor mats
  • Plastic lawn furniture
  • Buckets or containers 5 gallons or larger
  • Empty plastic 5 gallon gasoline containers

We urge all residents to recycle all their rigid plastics, either curbside or at the Drop-Off Center, to save Londonderry money on trash disposal and help the environment. For questions, please contact the Department of Public Works and Engineering at 432-1100 extension 137.


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  1. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Martin Srugis

    Good news accept what to do with plastic bags. You get a million if you let the baggers bag (1 item/plastic bag)! Where can one get rid of these without going into the dump?
    On another note, remember this weekend is Hazardous Waste pick-up day (Sat. at the LAFA parking area 9-12 noon) and the oil recycle shed will be open from 9 -12noon.

  2. +4 Vote -1 Vote +1Joan

    Plastic bags can be recycled in the containers at the entrances of the grocery stores in town.

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