Londonderry Landmarks Night

Here’s another edition of Londonderry Landmarks! Last week, readers were shown an image of the millstone outside of the Methodist Church on Mammoth Road. Bob Lincoln correctly guessed the answer over 24 hours after publication. Good job Bob!

Take a look at this week’s Landmark. Let us know if you think you know what it is and where, exactly it can be found. If you have an idea about what this landmark is, leave a comment on this story! Also, if you have an idea for a future landmark, be sure to leave a comment and Jacklynn will get back to you via email.


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  1. Vote -1 Vote +1Jim Belanger

    This is the welcome to Londonderry sign outside teh flea market on 102.

  2. Is this the last Londonderry Landmarks game? Will you be publishing more?

  3. Vote -1 Vote +1admin

    Hi Heather and others that enjoy the game. One day Jacklynn came to Kathy and I with this idea. We let her run with it on her own, for the past two weeks she has been out quite a bit.

    Jacklynn has three adorable young children, you may have seen them in some photos here. One week at the fire station open house they were in all three local papers!

    As a family focused company, though our office slogan is “content counts” family first is number one. As soon as all are healthy and back in school she will kick in again on Friday noon “Londonderry Landmarks”

    If you have an idea send it along!

    By the way Jim was right 17 minutes after the contest started. This outstanding photo is part of a piece of art created by Keith Tharp one night. It can be seen in a slider on this local website.

  4. Thanks for the response. Her “Londonderry Landmarks” inspired me to continue my weather vane series on my own blog. Its been quite a hit and I’ve gotten email about it from all over, not just Londonderry. I hope she continues since my whole family loves guessing her photos.

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