Londonderry Town Council Meeting August 15, 2011

Full Length On-Demand Londonderry Town Council Meeting, thanks to Drew Caron and the Londonderry Cable Studio for providing the DVD.

A. Boards/Committees/Commission Updates
a. Southern NH Planning Commission – David Preece
B. Open Space Task Force Report
C. Interview of Maria Neuman for Alternate Position on the Planning Board
A. Conservation Commission Decision on the Use of funds for Debt Service Payments.
A. Community Development Office Staffing Levels
B. Ordinance #2011-07 – Relative to an Amendment to Title I, Chapter XXVI, Prohibited Activities on Town Property.
C. Ordinance #2011-08 – Relative to Revisions to the Municipal Code, Title I, Chapter XXIV; Title II, Chapters I – X; and Title IV, Chapter III.
D. Ordinance #2011-09 – Relative to the Rezoning of Several Lots to C-II.
E. Resolution #2011-12 – Relative to the Establishment of a Public Safety Dispatch Services Study Committee
F. Resolution #2011-13 – Relative to the
Establishment of a Dog Park Study Committee

G. Resolution #2011-14 – Relative to the Transfer of an Easement to the Rockingham County

Conservation District
H. Order #2011-15 – Relative to the Expenditure of Maintenance Trust Funds for a Variety of Projects
A. Minutes of Council’s Public Meeting of 7/11/11
A. Liaison Reports
B. Town Manager Report
C. Board/Committee Appointments/Reappointments
1) Resignation of Chuck Tilgner from the Planning Board
2) Appointment of Dana Coons as a Full Member to the Planning Board, term to expire 12/31/12
3) Resignation of Karen Goodman from the Trustees of Leach Library
A. Town Council Meeting – September 12, 2011, Moose Hill Council Chambers, 7:00 PM
B. Town Council Meeting – September 19, 2011, Moose Hill Council Chambers, 7:00 PM
C. Town Council Meeting – October 3, 2011, Moose Hill Council Chambers, 7:00 PM
D. Town Council Meeting – October 17, 2011, Moose Hill Council Chambers, 7:00 PM

August 15, 2011 agenda
The full agenda includes the materials used in the meeting.

August 15, 2011 Minutes


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  1. Vote -1 Vote +1Doug

    It seems the Town Council has little or no knowledge of what the Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission does or the information the Commission provides. They should visit the website.

  2. +2 Vote -1 Vote +1Once Again

    Someone has to tell councilor Green that the signatures of the residents of Londonderry was telling him to keep the dispatch in Londonderry and not to even think about Derry. The signatures are not just voters, but taxpayers of the town. Not everyone in Londonderry that pay there taxes are registered voters. So check the list and keep in mind that these signatures are residents that pay taxes in :Londonderry. Thank you.

  3. +3 Vote -1 Vote +1III

    JOB CONSOLIDATION. I suggest that the Town Council evaluate the possibility of consolidating Andre Garron’s job description with that of the Town Planner. I’m surprised that Councilor Green didn’t suggest this. the “private Sector” would have studied this before approving to fill the position. Certainly Andre wouldn’t make this suggestion. are we top heavy?

  4. Vote -1 Vote +1Number 4

    So number 3 you are saying ignore the Woodmont development and let the developers tell us how to run our town, You are a genius.

    1. Vote -1 Vote +1Bill

      In the case of Woodmont, I would say that yes the developer is running the show. Follow the timeline of purchases of property and match them with the rezoning.

  5. -1 Vote -1 Vote +1III

    So #4 I take it that you don’t think my suggestion is a valid one. I think that this consolidation would certainly further engage our “Economic Development” Director concerning the woodmont issue’s The past Town Planner was way ahead of the director with knowledge of the Woodmont commons project. I have been at quite a few Woodmont meetings and our Director was not to be found. You would think that considering the magnitude of this project, the director would take a more active role. As Councilor Green has stated before, we need accountability. Now who’s the genius

  6. -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Number 4

    You and Green are too smart for me # 3; I yield to your greatness. Please share your other ideas. Should we kick all of the unions out of town next?
    Over to you genius.

  7. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1III

    #4 please share your wisdom!! How does suggesting to evaluate the consolidation of the Town Planners position with the Economic Development Directors position have anything to do with Unions? Great One, your comments would indicate that you are in a union or pro-union. I can’t wait for your repley genius.

    1. +1 Vote -1 Vote +1Number 4

      Electricity, Gasoline, Heating oil, Food we purchase at the supermarket, Delivered by truck drivers, the people who teach our children, the first responders, tradesmen & woman and the manufacturing workers before the private companies outsourced everything. Over 50% of the people in this country are part of organized labor. The secret to it is finding a way to work together. You call it Job consolation; its job elimination. So # 3 thank you for taking the bait and showing your and Green’s anti union mind set. Green was real clear with his comments in the on demand version, yours are probably that of some white collar pencil pusher who was passed over in life. The basics in life are sure missed when the power is out. Good thing the union workers turned it back on while you were home waiting. Working together as one community and country is the key to success.

      I am Number Four.

      1. -1 Vote -1 Vote +1Bill

        #4 where do you come up with 50% of the workforce is part of organized labor? The actual number is 11% and dropping every year. At one time the unions were absolutely necessary. They created higher wages and more importantly safer work conditions. Times have changed and unions have outlived their usefulness.

        1. -2 Vote -1 Vote +1Number 4

          Hit the link “I am number four”

          1. Vote -1 Vote +1Bill

            What the @#$% is that all about?

  8. +3 Vote -1 Vote +1III

    #4-Wise One, I took the bait. You took the bait hook line and sinker!!!! I guess I need to clarify a few things for you. I will make it SIMPLE.
    1-I did not vote for Joe Green.
    2-I’m against out sourcing jobs overseas. Corporate greed,
    Stockholders, Wallstreet, and the almighty bottom line.
    3-I work with both union and nonunion companies and I have good
    Friends in both

    4-I have family members and extended family members in the
    5-The Town Council has an fiscal obligation to look at ALL expenditures for ALL
    Taxpayers in Londonderry. Which includes Union, Nonunion, White
    Collar, Blue collar , Senior Citizens, Veterans Etc.
    6-If you haven’t notice, The US economy is just treading water. This has effected all Americans, Union and Nonunion. Difficult decisions have to be made to survive.
    7-A common sense approach is a good start. Everyone needs to make sacrifices!!
    8-Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m not a pencil pusher genius.

  9. -2 Vote -1 Vote +1Number 4

    Sticks & stones number three………

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