Social Media and Real Estate (Infographic)

I worked with a group of real estate agents over the past few months, teaching them how to use the most popular social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. As someone who is just beginning to get into house hunting, it seems pretty clear to me that social media will play a large role in my search. Check out this infographic to see how social media is changing the world of real estate:

Would you ever use social media sites to find a house or apartment?

Cassie Viau is the Senior Manager of Client Services at Effective Student Marketing, Inc. Follow @CassieViau on Twitter for more social media tips and tricks!


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  1. Hi Cassie!
    I’m house hunting right now. Both my wife and I use the app. We are communicating with our realtor via texts (for the short stuff.) I little tiny bit of FB and no twitter.
    The video thing is interesting, we haven’t seen any real estate related videos, but it seems like a no brainer tool for realtors. Of course the first ones to the plate that can offer a well filmed and edited production will have two up on the hastily put together pieces from realtors who are only doing it because they have to.

  2. Vote -1 Vote +1Cassie Viau

    I totally agree about video – who wouldn’t want to see a great video of a house they’re interested in? It still amazes me when I find listings that have just a few photos, or none at all!

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