PSA: Upgrade Your Facebook Groups!

If you’ve ever created a Facebook group in the past, it’s time to revisit the group and upgrade it to the new style if you want to hang on to the content that’s in there.

Facebook groups used to be a popular way to connect with people, long before the creation of Facebook pages. While they aren’t as popular now, groups are still available and have recently undergone one of Facebook’s notorious “upgrades,” complete with feature changes and a new look and feel.

Previously, you had the opportunity to keep using your group in the old format, skipping the “upgrade.” But, the time has finally come for those stragglers who haven’t made the switch to go to the new format. If you don’t upgrade your group soon, Facebook will be “archiving” it for you and switching over to the new version automatically.

With this archiving, you could lose a large portion of your content, including all of your current group members! If you don’t want this to happen, you can switch to the new version easily.

Go to your group page, and look for a message at the top giving you the chance to upgrade.  Click “upgrade this group” and you’re good to go!

You will still lose some of your old group content when you upgrade, so be sure to save things like news, officer titles, and the group network before you switch. In your new group, you’ll still have all your group photos and wall posts, group discussion threads, group description, and of course, your group members!

For more information on the new groups, check out

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