Londonderry Fire Introduces Newest Facility in North End

The Londonderry Fire Department recently held an Open House Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Town’s new Northwest Fire Station. The ceremony was held in front of the new station and was attended by members of the public, as well as Town and State Officials. Among attendees were Governor Lynch, Senator Carson, and Tom Freda, Tom Dolan, and Joe Green of the Town Council and Town Manager Dave Caron. Presenting the ceremony and cutting the ribbon was Londonderry Fire Chief Kevin MacCaffrie.

The new Northwest Fire Station in Londonderry is a state of the art facility with energy-saavy features like solar panels.

Chief MacCaffrie presented Captain O'Brien with a plaque in honor of the dedication he had shown towards the completion of the new fire station.

During the open house ceremony, presentations were made by both the Fire Chief and State Officials. One such presentation was to Captain Darren O’Brien, of the Londonderry Fire Department. Chief MacCaffrie presented O’Brien with a plaque to show his appreciation for the hard work he had put into making the new building a success. “I’d like to present this plaque for his dedication to making this facility what you see here today. I cannot express what a great help he was to me in the completion of this project,” said MacCaffrie.

He added, “He was, to say the least, tenacious in his attention to detail and making sure that the final project was something we could all be proud of. He spent many hours here and I’m sure his wife would agree that this has been his second home for the last four months.” MacCaffrie concluded, “Darren, I want to thank you personally for all you have done and I thank you from the citizens of Londonderry for your dedicated service to the community.”

Unable to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony, Senator Shaheen visited the new station just a few days later to tour the new facility and offer her condolences for the Hemlock Street tragedy. There, she met with Dave Caron, MacCaffrie, and Tom Dolan. Shaheen commented on the quality of the construction project and how quickly the project was completed. Dolan said, “This addition to our public safety infrastructure positions Londonderry well in anticipation for the industrial park build-out as the Airport Access Road nears completion and as we consider development options for Pettingill Road.” Shaheen responded, “Business development of these 700 acres of industrial land will be good for the economies of Londonderry, Manchester, and greater NH.”

Building the new station came after a long battle. Approximately nine years ago, a survey was conducted in town to determine the need for new fire stations. The survey determined that both the South and North Stations would need to be replaced. Work began on constructing both stations, however it was decided South Station took financial priority. Plans for the north station subsequently fell by the wayside.

In 2009, a 200 million dollar Federal Stimulus was made available from grants to fire stations across the United States. Taking a chance, the Londonderry Fire Department applied through the “highly competitive process” and was ultimately awarded the only grant in the State of New Hampshire.

The fire station was completed this past February, after less than a year of construction which began last May. The station, located on Grenier Field Road, is a state-of-the-art facility. It was built using recycled materials, is energy efficient and comes equipped with solar panels on the roof. “We expect this design and the green elements of this to reduce our operational costs for the life of the building,” said MacCaffrie.

The old North Fire Station, which has now been demolished, was built on Mammoth Road in 1952. It was the first fire station built in the town of Londonderry and was accomplished completely through fundraising and volunteer efforts.

For more images of the new Northwest Fire Station and the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, visit our darkroom.

The Fall of Station One

Be sure to watch the entire ribbon cutting ceremony and presentations, as well as the demolition of the old fire station right here! Video produced by Al Sypek.



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