Unofficial School and Town Election Results 2011

Londonderry News as it happens!

Polls closed at 8:00pm

The following are the Londonderry Town and School Election Results from March 8th 2011. These results were written down as the Moderator announced them a short time after the polls closed at 8:00pm. They should be considered preliminary results. Total voters for the day 2,279.

Total registered voters in Londonderry 17,273

At 8pm 29 new people registered at this election, the last town election had 72 people register. According to officials quite a few of these were young voters. A few had just turned 18 in the past few weeks. One just missed being able to vote and will be back for the next election.

Town Candidates

Total Votes


Town Council, 2 Positions, 3 Year Term
Deborah Shimkonis Nowicki 1033
“Tom” Freda 1123
“Joe” Green 1421
Write-in 21
Blank 944
Budget Committee, 3 Positions, 3 Year Term
“Chris” Melcher 1275
“Tom” Dalton 1291
“Dan” Lekas 1241
Blank 2981
Trustee of Leach Library, 2 Positions, 3 Year Term
John Velliquette 870
“Bill” Bringhurst 732
Karen Goodman 1294
Blank 1642
Trustees of Trust Funds, 1 Position, 3 Year Term
John Velliquette 696
Donald A. Moskowitz 964
Write-in 2
Blank 609

Town Election Articles




Article 2: Charter Commission 1144 1044 83
Article 3: Bond Issue for Highway Reconstruction 1584 631 56

School Board Candidates

Total Votes

School Board, 2 Positions, 3 Year Term
John Robinson 1128
Glenn Douglas 705
Nancy Hendricks 942
Todd Joncas 779

School District Articles




Article 2: General Fund – Operating Budget
A. School Board Recommended 1641
B. Defualt 584
Blank 979
Article 3: Support Staff Bargaining Agreement 1376 856
Article 4: Authorization for Special Meeting on Cost Items (for Article 3) 1440 781
Article 5: Custodians Bargaining Agreement 1354 874
Article 6: Authorization for Special Meeting on Cost Items (for Article 5) 1375 831
Article 7: School and Lunch Federal Projects 2010 222
Article 8: School Buildings and Maintenance Fund 1413 806
Article 9: Use of Year-End Unreserved Fund Balance 1353 866

Election photo by Keith Tharp


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  1. Vote -1 Vote +1Steve

    Gotta love it nice day and such a little turn out. Still better then 200 people at town meeting making the decision for all. Another tradition in Londonderry is going in the history books. Not a bad thing considering your voice and vote at town meeting is ignored by the council and town manager. No more stacking the room to pass union contracts, no more stacking the room to pass an article then leave. I will miss town meeting but this town has changed so much and with such a small turn out it was time to put it in the history books. Lets see how out of control our taxes get with this article passed. Hopefully with a new council they will make the town manager and the department heads tighten those belts several notches in the right places.

  2. Vote -1 Vote +1Sydney

    Great to see there’s no more Town Meeting. Finally a win for the rest of the people who pay taxes.
    Sitting in a gym on a beutiful spring day may have been peachy prior to 1980, but most working people have lives.
    No more old school run by locals on the town payroll. Looks like its time for those folks to find something to do come this time next year.

    1. So you don’t plan on going to the deliberative session?

    2. Vote -1 Vote +1Kathy Wagner


      The new method voted in yesterday does not get rid of town meeting. It is called the Deliberative session and it is held a month before you vote at the polls. You get to vote on the amendments and changes made at that session.

  3. Vote -1 Vote +1MWS

    I believe we will all still be coming to a town meeting, simply one before the ballot voting. I’ve no doubt the people who pay attention will continue to show up at the deliberative session and those who don’t will continue to complain.

  4. Vote -1 Vote +1Once again!

    All I ask is that everyone has all the information at hand before trying to make the budget even lower. When you call for your town employees to come and help and there is no one to come you’ll be the first ones to complain that there was not a fast enough response or not enough manpower to care for your investments. Decrease in employees = higher insurance rates.

    1. Vote -1 Vote +1Bill

      Decrease in employees also = lower taxes

      1. Vote -1 Vote +1Once Again

        One way or another we will all pay!!!!!! Just don’t go after the wrong ones when something happens…..

        1. Vote -1 Vote +1Steve

          Once Again the decision where and who to cut is made by the town manager not taxpayers.

  5. Vote -1 Vote +1Jerry Conner


    1. Vote -1 Vote +1George Herrmann


  6. Vote -1 Vote +1SA

    As a former Londonderry Citizen, I warn the former community of “sticker shock”

    I am disappointed by this decision that has been prejudiced by the screwed up SAU and School Board. The CharterComm was blaintely for SB2 and they had a lot of unfair bias. They didn’t tell you how the process is now going to be more compliacted because it has to go to a State bureaucrat in Concord – Just to “look at it.”

    What if a question didn’t get passed and what if there is a “special meeting?” Rarely it has ever happened in the School Deliberative Session, but what if it happens if the Town Session? Instead of one day of a long meeting, it will be a longer process. I could be wrong, but it was not brought up.

    They didn’t get other communities to speak about if (IIRC and if I did I wouldn’t state that.)

    They got Curro and Hickey to talk about the process and Baldasaro and Farmer said to the effect after they spoke “oh the process is just the same.” No its not.

    With SB2, Baldasaro could probably done Question 3 from last year much easier, which last year I don’t think his agenda had much to do with same-sex marriage, but to push his SB2 agenda instead. I was really offended with that question because #1) what was the legality of doing it because it was Town Budgetary Meeting and #2) it distracted other pressing issues from what what I saw on my Facebook frontpage of people that were on my friend lists and mentioning Question 3 and nothing else about Town Meeting. Again he just wanted to get attention for people to vote, so he used a social issue to get people to vote, if they even voted on the other questions of both governments.

    SB2 budgeting process seems to take longer in other communities and in the community I live in now, they have the deliberative session on a random illogical work night.

    I am sick and tired of the people who want SB2 who make well over $100K a year and are snobbish to not do “the dirty laundry” Thats what’s making Londonderry achieving the status the Andover, Mass North, New Hampshire. I can’t fathom how many of those 17,000 voters even live in town anymore because the great education comes with a huge price for younger people that can’t afford to live anywhere in NH, the 4th oldest demo state in the union.

    I had the stones to go to a few town meetings since i became an adult to whack the hacks. I don’t understand why these snobs (to be blunt and honest) act like pre pubescent 9 year old girls and cry that they are too scared to go up against the unions. SB2 justs simply (read: flying away with the problem.) The problem with town meeting is there aren’t many natives in this area anymore and the problem with voters that can’t “flight or fight.”

    What made Town Meeting very special for this poster, was that the Tuesday or Saturday Meeting would fall on my birthday, and on a few occasions that it did, was something I would go or observe. Even on a birthday.

    I’ll remember March 12th as the last Town Meeting (probably for eternity) which also will be my birthday. I’ll remember in 2011 on that day, that the town I lived for my entire life to this past year went down to hell because a few people of a certain class couldn’t take a few hours just to do their civic duty in the most effective way when you have a fair number of people coming.

    I’m glad I don’t live in Londonderry anymore, let’s be frank and say that town is no longer a rual town and just say its a suburb to Boston and the majority of the citizens that live there are just living there for the (unfairly managed) school district and living in one of the (alleged) best districts in the area.

    Remember of the “sticker shock” when in doubt SB2 does come to Londonderry Town’s Deliberative Session next winter.

    1. SA,
      I want to thank you for your comments and I will have to agree to disagree. Rather than me debate this with you and just maybe your interpretation of the laws maybe different mine, where you say I am wrong, I posted the NH laws for you and anyone else to view. I have posted the law concerning Use of Official ballot, please see Section 40:13.

      I have learned in the past if I say something I am attacked by the Anonymous Posters, so read the whole law yourself pertaining to Official Voting Referenda and if your really board and you get a chance read section IX (b) concerning the default budget that I am trying to find a bill to attach a fix that many support.

      One of these days I just might be right in the eyes of an Anonymous Poster.

      Thank You,


      1. Vote -1 Vote +1Kathy Wagner


        Are you publicly stating here that you are now going to assist Senator Carson in HER endeavor to correct the flawed SB2 election process.

        You’ve seen the light and miracles do happen.

        1. Kathy,
          What you missed a few of my post where I stated that I would work with Senator Carson and help fix the default budget issue. I talked with Greg and he makes sense on how to fix the issue.

          I don’t feel the Official ballot process is flawed but merely needs to be tweaked and it will be better. The legislators already fixed the petition where no one can changed the language in the petition.

          I met with Senator Carson today and we worked together on many issues and I told her that I have a couple of Chairs looking at what bill we can attach an amendment too.

          I won’t support the quorum and I am not going to beat that anymore and Sharon knows where I stand on that issue.

          We can’t always agree with everyone 100%!!!


  7. I want to congratulate Tom Freda, Joe Green who won their seat on the Council to serve the people along with John Robinson Re-Election and Nancy Hendricks on the School Board along with the other people who sought other positions to ensure that Londonderry is a better place to live.

    Sometimes elections, get hot tempered and divide the town but we must say that competition was very keen and the elections are over and it is time for all sides to unite in the best interest of Londonderry.

    To the other Candidates who stepped up to run for office, we thank you and I hope that you all would be able to stay involved to assist in insuring that Londonderry is second to none.

    I want to personally thank George Hermann, Paul Dimarco and Mike Brown for their loyal dedication to the town. We definitely lost three hard charging volunteers that served our town in an outstanding fashion and they surely will be missed.

    Thank You,

    AL Baldasaro
    State Representative

    1. Vote -1 Vote +1George Herrmann

      Thank You Al.

    2. Vote -1 Vote +1Paul DiMarco

      Thanks Al. I appreciate the kind words.

  8. Vote -1 Vote +1Linda P.

    I am glad to see SB2 pass – I believe it allows for everyone to participate in the election process, not just those who are able to spend hours on a Saturday morning listening and voting. However, please get educated before you vote – IT’S IMPORTANT! 222 individuals showed their lack of knowledge by voting against the School and Federal lunch funds warrant. This article is necessary in order for the school district to receive the funds that support the free and reduced lunch program. This provides lunch for children who might not otherwise get to eat during the day, ensuring that they get nourishment and are prepared for learning. PLEASE do not vote on something you do not understand.

    1. Vote -1 Vote +1Bill

      Like I always do, I voted “yes” on this question for the reasons you stated. However, for you to call those that voted “NO” to be uninformed or don’t understand is wrong. They may just be very informed and have a philosophical reason to vote “NO”. NOTHING IS FREE. Just like we got a “FREE” fire station.

      1. Vote -1 Vote +1Jim Loiselle

        Or a FREE lunch – somebody is paying for it – oh yeah – we are

    2. Vote -1 Vote +1Larry M

      The irony dripping from Linda P’s post is compelling.

      (If I need to explain it to you then you’ll have to seek help elsewhere).

    3. I’m not really sure I would say the 222 people who voted against the School and Federal Lunch Program were showing a lack of knowledge. It seems more like a lack of compassion. Could you really turn away a 6yr old from a warm lunch and a milk because they’re parents don’t have much money?

      1. David,
        II believe our voters are well informed on issues and some better than others. Maybe the 222 voters realized the money is taxes coming out of another pocket and if I am not mistaken the more that qualify for the free lunch, then the Adequacy Formula kicks in more money here from NH from the State Wide property tax.

        But then again that money from the federal government is money coming back that they take!!!


    4. Vote -1 Vote +1Dan Collins

      I am part of the 222. It is a vote against the funding. It is not a vote against providing lunch for those children who need it.

      Here is my principle: Each level of government should pay for its responsibilities. Education of the children of Londonderry is the town of Londonderry’s responsibility. Part of that education is to help feed these children who need it. It is not the federal government’s responsibility.

      We do not want their funded or unfunded mandates. They do not care for our children per se. We do. We want our children to be the best.

      For example: They push their menu choices on our children. I would like to see as much food produced locally in town that the children eat. Do we get this say? I guessing we do not.

    5. Vote -1 Vote +1Joey

      As one of the 222 who voted ‘No’ I simply looked at the budget (page 77) and actually noticed where the money was going. The expenses for actual food and milk are decreasing (by over $132,000) next year while the expenses for labor and benefits are increasing. What is also decreasing is the overall school enrollment.

      The statement ‘this provides lunch for children who might not otherwise get to eat during the day, ensuring that they get nourishment’ is a bit disingenuous to readers since in order to qualify for free lunch and in many cases a reduced lunch the child’s family has to already be receiving public assistance in the form of food stamps and other aid.

      There is no such thing as a free or even a reduced lunch in the public sector since it is all subsidized by taxpayers pockets.

      I do not believe in denying help where it is needed but if my money is to go to food programs for kids I want to be reassured that the money goes to food for the kids. The budget numbers did not give me that reassurance.

      1. Vote -1 Vote +1David Nease

        Dan and Joey. Voting is a very personal. Thank you for sharing the insight into votes and decision making.

  9. Vote -1 Vote +1Tom Freda

    I would like to extend my thanks to all who voted for and supported me in yesterday’s Council election.

    I would also like to congratulate all those who volunteered to run for office yesterday.

    Tom Freda

    1. Vote -1 Vote +1George Herrmann

      Congratulations on your election. I know you have been working towards it for awhile.

    2. Vote -1 Vote +1Paul DiMarco


      Congratulations on your victory on Tuesday, and thank you for running for this office. I hope after 3 years you find the position as rewarding as I have. Give me a call anytime.

      Best regards,
      Paul DiMarco

    3. Vote -1 Vote +1Tom Dolan


      Congrats on your win. Thanks for stepping up to serve the community.

  10. Vote -1 Vote +1Ben

    Breaking News

    Dateline: Londonderry, March 8, 2011

    Last night, Londonderry voters administered the Last Rites to Town Meeting. Life support measures will be withdrawn on Saturday, March 12.

    Reed Page Clark shall delivery the Final Eulogy.

    For those posters on this website who predicted the end of times if Article 2 passed, grief counselors are available at to console you.

    The Vote No on 2 Crowd requests that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Bob Napolitano “Informed” Voter Scholarship Fund.

    The headstone for Town Meeting will be inscribed with the new No on 2 slogan.

    Here lies Town Meeting: No Lies, No Fear, and now NO MORE


  11. Vote -1 Vote +1CMelcher

    No individual candidate for any position got more than 62 % of the vote. No school board candidate surpassed 50%. I guess the town is a lot more fractured than I had thought?

    Lots of mixed messages though. We read about how people want deep cuts in taxes, but every article passed overwhelmingly, including the road bond. All very interesting.

    1. CMelcher,
      The town is far from fractured, that is all that normally comes out at a Town Election. It’s sad that many more don’t come out but we will get you all excited in 2012 when all the Conservative come out to vote. The very quiet, yes the silent Majority here in town.

      All the Conservatives will be out in force in 2012!!!


      1. Vote -1 Vote +1CMelcher

        Looking forward to it, Al. As soon as you all pick a viable candidate, let us know =-)

        1. Vote -1 Vote +1Steve

          Well Chris we can’t all run for election and win when nobody else is apposing us.

          1. Vote -1 Vote +1Larry M

            I don’t appose you spelt that rite.

          2. No, but we all (read: YOU) could have stepped up to run too. Did you? Oh… well, that’s one more reason to disregard this anonymous post.

          3. Vote -1 Vote +1JL

            Steve: So, It’s Chris’ fault that he ran unopposed?

            A better response might have been: “Thanks for getting involved and donating your personal time on behalf of the rest of us couch dwellers.”

            If he hadn’t, maybe there would have been only 2 candidates for 3 seats.

    2. Vote -1 Vote +1George Herrmann

      Congratulations! Thanks for stepping up and dipping your toe in the water. Now you are fully submerged!

      It pains me to say this, but I have to agree with Al ;-)
      I don’t see a fracture. The results are a reflection of who takes the time to step forward for a few minutes and cast their vote. There were a large number of blanks. Which could lead one to believe that people came out to only vote for a single candidate or issue. In their particiular cases an individual or a cause stirred them enough to get them to the polls. The key being that that they showed up.

      I like your statement about how we hear that people are fed up and want to stop the spending, yet we pass the budgets and the bonds. Perhaps the noise we hear is just that, noise. It is obvious to me that there is indeed a silent majority. They are the folks that see through the rhetoric and show up to vote.

      See you on Saturday.

      1. George,
        LOL, you have to agree that you agree with me on many other issues?

        Of course we don’t agree on those spandex!!!


  12. Vote -1 Vote +1Larry M

    I recommend everyone wear black arm bands at the last Town Meeting on Saturday. Truly a sad day it will be.

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