Londonderry Police Seize Cookies From Local Girls

Recently, Girls Scouts from Londonderry Troop 12604 made a special trip to the Londonderry Police Department. There, they presented the on-shift officers with Girl Scout Cookies to show their appreciation for the service they provide for the community.

Greeting the troop were Chief William Hart and Lieutenant Chris Gandia. The girls were also able to meet the afternoon shift officers, who had just finished roll call.

Londonderry Girls Scouts pose with Londonderry Police Officers, who were honored with Girl Scout Cookies.

“On behalf of the Londonderry Police Department and all our members, we truly appreciate the thoughtfulness these young ladies demonstrated,” said Lt. Gandia.

To learn more about the local Girl Scout Troops, click here.


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  1. Vote -1 Vote +1Nancy V

    I was wondering about the beards and mustache’s the police seem to be sporting around. What ever happened to clean shaven professional looking police officers? Is this the changing of the times? I’m 74 years old and have never seen a police officer un-shaved unless they were on vacation or leave. Oh my where are we headed!

  2. Vote -1 Vote +1Paul DiMarco

    In an earlier meeting this month, Chief Hart mentioned that the department was having “Mustache March”, as a fun thing for the officers to do to help morale. This year, they decided to allow beards as well. So, I suspect that this is a temporary policy that will go away shortly. I’m sure if you asked the chief Nancy, perhaps in an e-mail, he’d explain it to you.

  3. Vote -1 Vote +1Chuck Nickerson

    Not full beards guys, just goatees. And yes Nancy, times are changing. Many Police Departments throughout the state and country for that matter are now allowing goatees.

  4. Vote -1 Vote +1Steve

    I agree with Nancy it looks unprofessional. I was not aware the police department had a morale issue. If a department has a morale issue you don’t let your employees grow facial hair there has to be more to it causing low morale. The fire department has a morale issue perhaps they should all have beards because that department is messed up.

    1. Vote -1 Vote +1Dale

      Who cares if they have facial hair? Are you people serious?
      This has to be a joke. People complaining police officers have beards.

      1. Vote -1 Vote +1Lyla Knickerbocker

        Dale, I couldn’t agree more!! This article was about Londonderry’s Girl Scouts and generosity towards the Londonderry Police Officers to show their appreciation, something many of us forget to do. And all these people can focus on is facial hair?!?!
        Here’s something actually relative to the article: when was the last time any of the people who have left a comment actually said “thank you”, verbally or otherwise, to the fine men and women who protect our town? When was the last time one of you approached these hardworking individuals, not just Police but Fire personnel also, shook their hands and thanked them for their service?
        I think the Girl Scouts did a wonderful thing, something many of us forget to do. Good job Girl Scouts!

      2. Vote -1 Vote +1Chuck

        Dale, I couldn’t agree more. What exactly is so unprofessional about it? Where do you draw the line?

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