Londonderry Breaking News for March 20th – 27th 2011

  • Breaking News: ENG5, MED1 Responding to Eliot Urgent Care for Medical Aid. Time out 2:32 p.m. #
  • Breaking News Update: Companies on scene 2:34 p.m. MED1 transporting to Elliot Hospital 2:44 p.m. #
  • Welcome To Spring! First full day, Forecast Snow 3-5 inches in Ltown, Heavy at times NWS Weather Advisory, Slick Roads, Pwr Outages, Trees #
  • Snow Expected to move in between 11 am and noon heavy at 1-4 pm departing at 8pm, possible mix/rain end tonight #
  • Police Log Bits; “Subject stopped in to report a plastic turtle with a slow children sign in roadway” Officer brought turtle back to station #
  • SCHOOL CLOSINGS:Afternoon Kindergarten in Londonderry is canceled today March 21st due to the coming snow storm. #
  • Weather; Temp in Central Ltown now down to 33.4 and falling, drive with care, local roadways snow is melting, lawns covered. 1:16pm #
  • NH Traffic ALERT: Winter Speed Advisory 45MPH maximum, in effect for I-93 north of the Tilton area. Reduce speeds and drive carefully. #
  • All Londonderry School Afternoon and Evening Activities are Canceled today due to the weather. Monday March 21st 2011 #
  • Breaking News: ENG3, MED1 Responding to Berkshire Lane for Medical Aid. Time out 5:00 p.m. #
  • Breaking News Update: Companies on scene 5:02 p.m. Services no longer needed 5:04 p.m. #
  • Cancellations: St. Jude’s woman’s Guild evening of reflection has been postponed until next Monday, All evening events at schools canceled. #
  • Breaking News: ENG5, MED1 Responding to 40 Buttrick Rd (Eliot Urgent Care) for Medical Aid. Time out 7:25 p.m. #
  • Breaking News Update: Companies on scene 7:27 p.m. MED1 transporting to Elliot Hospital. #
  • Breaking News: MED1, CAR2, ENG3 Responding in the area of 140 High Range Rd for an MVA. Time out 9:12 p.m. LPD also en route. #
  • Breaking News:Londonderry Fire and LPD headed to 140 High Range Road for a MVA with injury, Near Royal. 9:13pm #
  • NewsRoom standing down, thanks to Cory Nader for breaking news tonight, be sure to see his rescue story publishing Tuesday! #
  • Breaking News Update: Companies on scene 9:16 p.m. Vehicle vs. Tree w/ heavy damage. Patient out of vehicle. Minor injuries. #
  • Breaking News Update: Possible status 4. ENG3, CAR2 reporting no hazards in service. #
  • Traffic ALERT: Slippery road conditions. LPD Responding to multiple vehicles off roadways. Use CAUTION while driving. #
  • Storm Total at Mack’s U-Pick 2 One inch, frosted trees this morning glinting in the sun between clouds. Robins picking through the snow. #
  • UL Newsstand:Model airplane group, town renew relationship;The New Hampshire Flying Tigers have been using landfill Auburn Road since 2008 #
  • UL Newsstand:Group’s littering fight is more than trash talk;A new committee is hoping to get the community involved in keeping town clean. #
  • South School just had a fire drill! Ask how it went at dinner tonight. 1:16pm Remember, mom’s and dad’s know everything! At least k-5 #
  • Breaking News: ENG5, MED1 Responding to Holly Lane for Medical Aid. Time out 4:27 p.m. #
  • Breaking News Update: Companies on scene 4:30 p.m. MED1 Transporting to Parkland 4:43 p.m. #
  • Londonderry Police (several units) are now on Londonderry Road following reports of a man walking with a rifle in the area. 5:56pm #
  • Update on Londonderry Road “rifle” issue, youths with airsoft guns. 6:03pm #
  • The Ponds Skimmed over last night in Ltown, overnight Lows South 27deg, Central 25.1, North 28.8. Temps coul… (cont) #
  • Look Macks to have pots RT @macksapples:Seeds planted in our greenhouse. On track for 4″ pots of veggie plants to jump start garden by May #
  • Found! Isabella Oleschuk, 12 Orange, CT Story Update Wednesday March 23, 2011 early afternoon Video of Press Conferance #
  • Breaking News: ENG2, MED1 Responding to Winding Pond Road for Medical Aid. Time out 9:28 p.m. LPD also responding. #
  • Snow A No Show in Ltown: The 1-4 inches passed over and evaporated due to the dry air. Sun today Highs up to 40. Friday & weekend Highs 30′s #
  • Ltown has a intense snow squall right now. This is snow coming in back off the ocean from the storm that passed over us last night. 3:10 #
  • Traffic Alert: LPD reporting Old Derry Road at Hunter Mill is down to one lane. Time 3:13 PM #
  • Breaking News: ENG1 MED1 Responding to Rockingham Road for Medical Aid. Time out 7:55 p.m. ENG1 on scene 7:59 p.m. #
  • Breaking News: ENG2 MED3 Responding to Vista Ridge Drive for Medical Aid. Time out 8:07 p.m. (2ND MEDICAL) #
  • Breaking News Update: MED1 Transporting. ENG1 Taking Vista Ridge Call. MED3 on scene 8:13 p.m. #
  • Breaking News: ENG2 w/ Derry MEDIC Responding to Gordon Drive for Medical Aid. Time out 8:22 p.m. (3RD MEDICAL) #
  • Breaking News Update (3RD MEDICAL): Londonderry ENG2 on scene 8:24 p.m. #
  • Breaking News Update (3RD MEDICAL): Derry MED1 on scene 8:30 p.m. #
  • Well it ain’t much like spring in Ltown, Snow Squalls followed by overnight Lows of; South 28deg, Central 24.4deg, North 27.5deg at 7am #
  • UL Newsstand:For mom and daughter, a special gift is returned;For LHS jr. Caroline Case and mother, Debbie Tarr, the Pantene experience… #
  • What Great Weather!, Cold freezing nights! 40 in the day = Hank’s Sugar Shack Smokin and open for visitors Visit Ltown #
  • NH Trafic ALERT – On I-93 Southbound before Exit 10 the two through lanes are split to the left onto the Northbound Bridge. Drive carefully #
  • Breaking News: LFD toned out for MVA near Route 102 and Exit 4 off Interstate 93. 1 patient in respiratory distress. Time 3:57 PM #
  • Exit 4 Off Ramp Accident Update: LFD on scene. Appears to be 2 cars involved, located on Northbound off ramp. NHSP also on scene. Time 4:02 #
  • Exit 4 Off Ramp Accident Update: LFD reporting Status 4, no transport, patient. Time 4:08 PM #
  • Tnx for RT @CentralDerry: Guess the #londonderry landmark. RT @londonderrynh: Londonderry Landmarks Black and White #nh #
  • Cold night in Town tonight. Lows in the teens with a wind making it feel colder. #
  • Breaking News: ENG2 Responding Mutual Aid to the City of Nashua for Station Coverage. Time 10:25 p.m. #
  • Breaking News: Truck 1 Responding Mutual Aid to the City of Manchester for Station Coverage. Time 10:38 p.m. #
  • Only online and outdoors in Londonderry! Hank’s sugar shack smokin’ this weekend. Sap flowing with great weather for sweet maple syrup. #


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