Londonderry May Set Record High Temps Today

With sunny skies and temperatures expected to be in the mid- to upper- 50′s, Londonderry may experience a good amount of melting throughout the day today. These unusually high temperatures won’t last, however.

Temps are expected to drop to the 20′s tonight, and remain below-freezing for a better part of the weekend. Today’s melting combined with tonight’s low temperatures may cause icy road conditions throughout town.

Did you know Londonderry has more than ten sand barrel locations throughout town? These barrels are kept full of sand for residents to use on their driveways to help with traction control. For a map indicating the barrel locations, click here.

Average temperatures are usually in the mid- 30′s on February 18 each year. The highest recorded temperature on this date was 59 degrees and was set in 1981. Today’s temperatures will be challenging that record.

For more weather maps and a more detailed forecast, visit Londonderry News’ Weather Page.


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