Peak Week for Peeping in Londonderry

Wow with a foliage tour like Keith Tharp’s we hardly need the official report this week!

It is clear that Londonderry, New Hampshire Just 45 minites north of Boston is at peak this week.  The leaves appear to be taking their time this year, the old maples in our masthead turned two full weeks ago and have now dropped the dramatic foliage to the ground.  They are on scenic Adams Road where the trees by law are allowed to be right next to the road.  This causes a little stress.  Plus you can not cut them down without a hearing by the town of Londonderry.

Official Londonderry Foliage Report October 17th

  • Peak!
  • Foliage has become brilliant since last weekend
  • Leaf drop on stressed trees is complete
  • Some leaf drop in the wetlands about 40%
  • Wetlands also past peak, plan your walk or hike now!
  • Many trees still green with some calico change
  • Should be at peak for next 7 days

Swamp Maple, smaller leaves from a maple tree a few feet from a Londonderry Marsh October 17, 2010

If you normally go to Mack’s for apples, or even just to Ellwood for the corn maze, if you have not discovered this road you should!  It nearly connects those two farms (follow the signs) with Sunnycrest right in the middle.  The Sunnycrest farmstand is a great place to stop in on a cool fall day, warm up and bring home a great selection of local fruits and vegetables for the weekend.

Many Maples are just reaching near peak or at peak in Londonderry October 17th

Sorry, isn’t it funny how the farms always get you off track.  The foliage on Adams Road… If you have a sunroof (this is for the passenger not the driver) open it up and just look skyward to the canopy.  From the time you turn off of Mammoth Road until you reach High Range Road a vision that just can not be replicated with special effects.

Oak trees on October 17, 2010 in Londonderry still a lot of green left in them should be a great "Peak Week" for foliage

The closeup in this photo is of some oak trees that have plenty of time left to change in Londonderry.  While we can say peak should last through next weekend, we survived the windstorms with out much loss, do not delay your trip to the southern New Hampshire region for leaf peeping!

Did you miss the spectacular photos by Mr. Tharp?  Read “Londonderry, NH Foliage Photo Essay” eye candy from a master photographer!

For a peak at our Oak trees, read “Nutfield News, Largest Acorn Crop Again This Year” and yes it is “about the nuts!”


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