Londonderry, The New Tourist Destination

Watching the internet for news stories we often stumble upon interesting pieces about the region.  Imagine yourself in New York City, looking for a place to go visit where you can walk in the orchards instead of on the sidewalks of the city.

The state has been running a contest to draw others in the country to New Hampshire.  “You’re going to love it here” with a challenge to take pictures of yourself and submit them.  You need to hold a sign with “I love it here” on it somewhere in New Hampshire.  We considered a similar contest but our budget just is not as large as the states travel and tourism account.

If you are interested in winning a Vacation here in New Hampshire for 2011 all the rules and entry forms are available at the New Hampshire Dream Vacation website.

Kate Moser Miller of New York Press visited after being inspired by a story about Sarah Silverman in the New York Times.  While Sarah went to Bedford, New Hampshire and shot herself on the stoop of Woodbury Cottage at the Bedford Village Inn.  Kate selected Londonderry!

I visited Londonderry, a stone’s throw away from Silverman’s hometown of Bedford. During my stay, we drove curvy roads worthy of car commercials, hiked through apple orchards and sunned ourselves on the beach. (OK, the beach we went to was actually in Maine, but we had to drive past New Hampshire beaches to get there, and they were beautiful.) The 2010 New Hampshire Dream Vacation contest slogan “You’re going to love it here,” which is admittedly really lame, proved true for me. Maybe it will catch on as a fresh-air escape for city dwellers.

Read the full story by Kate Moser Miller in the New York Press, “New Hampshire: The New Tourist Destination” for a peak at what others see when the come to our Londonderry paradise.


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