Boy Scouts Travel to Gettysburg

Londonderry’s Boy Scout Troop 1910 recently traveled to Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania. The Troop left Londonderry on Thursday, June 24, and returned on Monday, June 28. During the trip, the Boy Scouts hiked, camped, learned about the Battle of Gettysburg, and earned awards.

Boy Scout Troop 1910: (L-R) Bryce Williams, Nick Byrne, Nick Codner, Dale Larie, Alex Hawk, Stephen Huber, Mitch Combes

The troop drove to Pennsylvania, and camped the first night in Tobyhanna State Park. They continued on to Gettysburg on Friday, and made the National Military Park’s Visitor’s Center their first stop. The Boy Scouts were able to visit the museum, the cyclorama, and watch a video about the battle. Experiencing the Visitor’s Center was the first segment of the trip that gave the Boy Scouts an award.

Both Friday and Saturday nights, the boys camped in a campground, called McMillan Woods, that is specifically set aside for youth groups. The campground is near where General Pickett led his army in Pickett’s Charge. On Saturday, the Troop hiked the ten mile trail called the Billy Yank Trail. The trail goes across the battlefield and was set up by the York-Adams Boy Scout Council. This is was the second segment that awarded the Boy Scouts with another patch.

On Sunday, the Troop visited President Dwight Eisenhower’s home in Gettysburg. This was the final segment of the trip. That night, the boys returned to Tobyhanna State Park, “where we greatly appreciated the shower facilities,” says Brian Williams, the Troop’s Scoutmaster. The Boy Scouts camped at the state park, and returned home on Monday.

Seven Boy Scouts and four adults attended the camping trip. They enjoyed learning about aspects of the war, including the many monuments, memorials, and more.

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A cyclorama is “a pictorial representation, in perspective, of a landscape, battle, etc., on the inner wall of a cylindrical room or hall, viewed by spectators occupying a position in the center,” according to The Battle of Gettysburg painting measures about 377 feet around, and 42 feet high. The cyclorama also includes a canopy that conceals the architectural features of the building, and a diorama that adds a three-dimensional aspect to the experience.


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