Moose Hill Students Learn Outdoor Safety

ALERT educates Kindergarten StudentsMonday 06-07-10 Colleen Monks assisted by Carl, and Justin Whimmer, all volunteers from ALERT (A Londonderry Emergency Response Team) visited the Moose Hill Kindergarten to teach the children some important lessons about basic outdoor safety.
Also helping Colleen out with the presentation were Drew Diorio, Julia Barth, and Meredeth Leonard three Londonderry High School drama students. An interactive performance placed the drama students in a scene where they alternately demonstrated following, then not following the 6 basic rules of outdoor safety.

LHS Students Assist ALERT

During the skit the Moose Hill students would give them a “Thumbs Up” for following the rules, or shout “STOP” when the actors showed some of the possible ways to not follow the rules.At the end of the skit the ALERT volunteers performed a mini mock line search to find the High School helpers now lost in the make believe forest. This provided an opportunity to further explain some important rules to the children about not running further into the woods or hiding from people who may be trying to help. When the drama students were found there was a great big cheer from the children and the actors all gave high fives and hugs.Moose Hill Students Learn Safety
Before leaving the children had a chance to ask questions and were encouraged to talk with their parents about the what they had learned.
This is ALERT’s 4th year providing this presentation at Moose Hill, Approximately 1,200 children have been educated on the 6 Basic Rules of Outdoor Safety thanks to the efforts of ALERT. For more information on ALERT you can visit their website and check out their float and booth at this years Old Home Day.

Moose Hill Students Learn Safety

    6 Rules of Outdoor Safety

  1. Always tell someone where you are going, and when they can expect you back.
  2. Always go with a buddy and do not separate.
  3. If you get lost, Follow these Rules

  4. Don’t wander stay in one place.
  5. Don’t hide, stay where you can be found.
  6. Always keep your cloths with you.
  7. Never go near water


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