Memorial Day 2010 Londonderry, New Hampshire

Multimedia coverage of the 2010 Memorial Day Celebration

Growing each year the Londonderry event is a great example of a classic New England Memorial Day.  Well over 2000 attended this years event, likely as high as 2,500.  Multiple locations and spanning about one and a half hours, some of the crowds followed the procession, some stayed in place.  Those new to the event wondering “Where did everyone go?”

The parade route was so packed some first timers lined up south of Gleenwood Cemetery.  Locals were happy to tell them it would be best to move further north or they would miss the mile long marching unit.

Now in our third year this recording of the parade and followers as it passes over the brook from the town forest in Gleenwood provides a glimpse of “Where everyone went” when they passed the Londonderry Town Common.

On the common the benedictions and speeches were clear and understandable thanks to the Town of Londonderry audio equiptment and volunteer Al Sypek.  As the crowds have grown over the years this is a great addition to the event.

You can hear the entire set of speeches and prayers in our on-demand audio.  Just use the player at the end of this story.

View these images in a full screen slide show in our Hometown Online News Darkroom, Memorial Day 2010 photos.

Shooting on the common the respect and honor for our fallen warriors was clearly expressed by those in the audience.  Young and old removed their hats, bowed there heads and even shed a tear for those that will not return.

In the end only one young family was left as others chatted and dispersed for other family events this holiday.   We asked, if you don’t mind what are you doing? as they stared up at the Soldiers Monument in the center of the common.  The mother with a puzzled look said, “Just reading the names of these men out loud, I figure they have not been heard in a long time.”  They were sharing them with their daughter and remarking how many of the streets were named after the men on the stone.

Walking away, and remembering I forgot to get the young mothers name I started back.  Still reading the names out, I retreated in silence, after all the important names for that day were on the stone in the Londonderry Town Common.


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