State Trooper Saves Puppy on 93 after Owner Stopped following 120MPH Chase in Londonderry NH

Theodore Analitis charged with Reckless conduct, operating while a Habitual Offender. Both Felonies, plus Conduct after an accident, operating after a suspension and disobeying a police officer. He was charged and released May 30, 2010 on $15,000 PR.

This morning at 11:45am, Sunday May 30, 2010, a 2008 Mercedes C-Class 4dr color black was traveling south on Interstate 93, in the town of Londonderry, NH. Trooper Derek Holston was conducting stationary radar just north of exit four in the breakdown lane when the Mercedes rounded the corner. The Mercedes was observed traveling in excess of 85 miles per hour in a posted 65 mile per hour zone.

When Trooper Holston pulled out and attempted to catch up to stop the Mercedes it accelerated in an attempt to flee. The Mercedes entered the breakdown lane and began to pass other motorists in excess of 120 miles per hour. Trooper Holston was able to keep the Mercedes in sight. When the pursuit reached the southbound weigh station the Mercedes tried to take the crossover to head back north.

The Mercedes lost control, crashed into the yellow crash barrels and launched over a rock wall into the construction sight. The Mercedes lost a front tire and had heavy front end damage, however the Mercedes was able to get back onto the roadway and head north on I93. The Mercedes was leaking fluids and running on three tires.

Tropper Holston arrests "Analitis" after High Speed Pursuit over 120mph at Mile Marker 10.6 on the North Bound Side. Trooper Hoston saved the suspects runaway puppy with help from motorists.

Trooper Holston was able to get the Mercedes stopped and mile marker 10.6 where the driver, 27 year old Theodore Analitis of Manchester, New Hampshire was arrested. During the arrest Analitis’s puppy, that was in the car with him, escaped from the Mercedes and began to run in traffic which caused innocent civilians to stop in the highway to try and retrieve the dog. Trooper Holston was able to apprehend the puppy before it was run over by traffic. The puppy was taken to an area animal shelter until Analitis was released. No one was injured through the course of this event.

Analitis is charged with two Reckless conduct, operating while a Habitual Offender, both which are felonies. Conduct after an accident, Operating after suspension subsequent and disobeying a police officer which are all misdemeanors. Analitis was released on $15,000.00 personal recognizance bail. He is scheduled to be arraigned in the Derry District court on August 6th at 8:00am


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  1. Vote -1 Vote +1Jane Plante

    GOD bless the trooper that not only saved the puppy but the lives of how many with a driver like that on the road ….. Those Mercedes do move!!!!! Yeah… a happy ending .. unless you were the driver!!!!!

  2. Vote -1 Vote +1CMelcher

    Gee, instead of paying a $125 ticket he’s in jail on $15,000 bail…People are so smart…

    1. Vote -1 Vote +1Fear Driver

      Worse, (for society) it was a personal recognizance bail, a promise to pay $15,000 if he does not show up for court. It happened before noon, he was out before this story came out.

      By the charges this is not the first time.

  3. Vote -1 Vote +1jon

    i love how judgemental people are. We all know theo… he would give anyone the shirt off his back and is the kind to step in front of a bullet rather then see a person get shot… yes, what he did seems pretty stupid, but if any of us can judge who dont have skelatins in the closet, or have never done a stupid thing in their lives…then , and only then, do we have a right to judge..I wish you knew theo…. you would love him as so many do… we are all human… lets leave the judging up to god.

  4. Vote -1 Vote +1Lderryfam

    Oh, yeah, he’s a real gem.

    1} “….is the kind to step in front of a bullet rather then see a person get shot… ” Sure he is… because that goes hand-in-hand with being the kind to drive 120mph endangering anyone on the road.

    2} “….have never done a stupid thing in their lives…then , and only then, do we have a right to judge…” A stupid thing? “A”, as in “one”? How about Habitual Offender…how about that his license is suspended? Those don’t happen because someone made “A” stupid mistake.

    3} I’ll simply point you to his mugshot. Look at his face, and his body language. Look at it objectively, if you can. Do you see regret for one’s actions? Do you see embarassment? Do you see respect?

    This guy is bad news already, and unless he gets help or gets his act together, he will continue down this bad path.

  5. Vote -1 Vote +1Usage usage

    “site” not “sight”

  6. @Usage usage,
    3. one’s range of vision on some specific occasion: Land is in sight.

    1. Never mind, I didn’t see the second instance.

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