Packed Room, Packed Hall for Londonderry Town Hall Meeting

Carol Shea-Porter held a Town Hall Meeting in Londonderry Thursday night, answering questions from opponents and supporters alike.  Most questions focused on the health care law.  Some asked about the deficit and the increasing polarization of the two major political parties.  One person stated that the health care law supports abortion; Shea-Porter said the Hyde Amendment is still in effect and that there is no federal funding of abortion.  She mentioned that President Barack Obama had also issued an executive order to the same effect.

Although the meeting was scheduled for 1 hour, it ran for almost 2 hours.  Those who wanted to ask questions were given a ticket, and if a person’s number was called, s/he got 2 minutes to make a statement, after which Shea-Porter responded.  Tim Siekmann asked the first question about the rising cost of healthcare.  Al Baldasaro asked the next question.  Carol Shea-Porter said that members of Congress will be getting their healthcare from an exchange, effective in 2014.  Audience members expressed surprise that no one knew about this.  Shea-Porter said there was a campaign of disinformation being waged by the National Chamber of Commerce and the insurance companies.  Another person asked about a national sales tax, known as a value-added tax (VAT) in Europe; the Congresswoman said she was opposed to such a tax.

Shea-Porter noted the anger in the room as she was interrupted by booing frequently.  She said she was angry too about many of the same issues, and that the healthcare law is an imperfect one.  The room was packed with 100 people and others listened from outside the room.    Shea-Porter shared the concerns of several questioners and said she was worried that the middle class would disappear without access to affordable education.  She paid her way through college working at many jobs but said this was impossible today with the lack of jobs and the high cost of college.

Shea-Porter followed up with some questioners by asking them to speak to her staff so she could provide more information or resources on a topic.

Town Councilor Tom Dolan moderated the meeting, introducing the Congresswoman and picking the tickets out of a hat to announce the lucky number of the person who would ask the next question.

By Mary Tetreau


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  1. Vote -1 Vote +1Kathy Wagner

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for your article.

  2. Vote -1 Vote +1bill

    I too was in the room. The only time I remeber that there was any booing was when she was introduced. I will admit that there was more booing from those outside the room. You could here them pretty clearly.

    As far as no federal funding for abortions, technically that is true. There is no direct federal funding for abortions. However, for those that receive vouchers to pay for health a health plan that would cover them, there is no restriction. As far as the prezes executive order against abortions, my question is why? If the health bill prevents funding for abortions what’s the purpose? At any time the prez or any future prezes can recind the order. It’s not law. It was a way to buy votes that he didn’t have, led by Rep Stupak. Who today announced that he isn’t running for reelection to “spend more time with his family”. I think that it’s reaslly health related. His constituents are sick of him.

    Based upon the reaction of last night and the other meetings CSP has had, I hope that her aides have their resumes up to date.

  3. Vote -1 Vote +1Kathy Wagner


    Thanks for the laugh. “His constituents are sick of him” Great line.

  4. Vote -1 Vote +1Bigguy2

    Yes, the middle class is disappearing. But this health care bill will not help. Other than create more deficits. If memory serves me, didn’t Shea-Porter run on the agenda “that President George Bush’s” deficit is ruining the country?? IF so, how does going into debt 3 to 4 times what President
    Bush’s deficit was make it better?
    Where is the money coming from to pay for all this? You can’t print money for ever.
    The real solution is to re-industrialize the country, but this is contrary to the goals of the democratic and Republican party. If we continue down the path of Euro style socialism, get use to unemployment about 10% for ever. This type economy can not stand on its own, as the Europeans are beginning to find out.
    Lets get back to capitalism with watch dogs, who have “teeth.” It worked well in the 50′s, 60′s, 70′s and parts of the 80′s.

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