Country Tavern in Nashua – Amherst

In retrospect it was probably a mistake to show up for dinner on a Thursday at 8:40pm when the restaurant closes at 9:00pm.  We were not the last diners of the day however as another party showed up a few moments after us.

The two parties now seated alone in a large dining room already being ‘torn-down’ for the night was the last thing the wait staff (the one that was left anyway) and what ever passed as a cook still in the kitchen wanted to see.  And we paid the price.

The Country Tavern is located on Route 101A in Nashua or is that Amherst or is that Merrimack.  It certainly isn’t as far out as Milford.  One never can tell on 101A where exactly you are, must drive the post office crazy.

The Country Tavern and Pub boasts a bar, excuse me a Pub, a restaurant and associated catering business and a ‘famous’ Sunday brunch.  The menu runs the gamut from pretty typical pub fair to more “American” style eating (steak, veal, chicken, seafood), some of it red spoon.

Our party of four arrived late, hungry, and eager for a good meal.  Well two out of three ain’t bad.  We ordered three appetizers to split.  The chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks  were nothing to write home about.  Frozen, deep fried and delivered with some out of the bottle dipping sauces.  Standard stuff, with a price tag a little higher than expected for some thing you could make at home in the microwave.  The bruschetta.  Where do I begin.  They obviously had the recipe as the parts where there. What came out from the kitchen looked more like something Andrew Zimmern of “Bizarre Foods” would actually think twice before trying.  But that’s just an observation, as hunger took over and it tasted almost as good as it should have looked.

Our luck got a little better with dinner, that is if you ignore the French onion soup with just a “tad” to much salt (I can’t resist French onion soup).  Mrs. Lovely Companion ordered the Seafood Fettuccine that included shrimp, scallops and enough lobster to justify the price, all in an alfredo sauce.  Enough for dinner, and as Mrs. Lovely Companion notes; enough for lunch the next day.  Dinning companion had the haddock and fries.  An ample size portion and a heap of fries exactly what one would expect at a good price.  The sautéed veal parmagiana was simply OK, though served with entirely too much marinara.  A little pricey.  #1 son had the half-rack ribs and fries from the Tavern menu (items listed at under $10).  Though he ate them all and the fries; his only comment was a little ‘narley’ to chew.

Entrees come with a pedestrian garden salad and a roll.  Just one roll.  Only one roll.  Just one.  I felt like a Dickens character needing to step up to the waiter with empty plate in hand asking, “please sir may I have another”.  I don’t remember frankly if we had dessert.  Mrs. Lovely Companion reminds me I was muttering to myself most of the next day that they only gave me one roll.

With lots, and if you have not seen 101A recently, lots of choices on 101A to dine.  You may want to skip the national chain restaurants and stop by and give a locally owned business a try.  Keep the money local.  As I said several paragraphs above, this may have been all our fault by arriving 20 minutes before close with a party of four expecting dinner, and more than one roll.  We’ll have to go back and try the brunch, where I can probably get more than one roll.  Brunch ?  Did some one say buffet.

On our Fat Phantom five-fork scale
Service – 3.5 forks
Food – 2.5
Value – 4 forks – dinner for four with a few drinks came to under $90
Overall – 3 forks – Could be better, don’t go late.  Kid friendly too.

Country tavern is located at 452 Amherst St. in Nashua, take 101A out towards Amherst.  There phone is 603-889-5871.  Visit their website.

Image courtesy of Country Tavern. Country Tavern also offers function rooms and a full take-out menu.


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    Built in 1741 rumor has it the Country Tavern is haunted by ghosts

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