Welcome Home Warrior Ceremony at LHS Sunday

These Army Reservists based out of the Londonderry Reserve Center had word they were coming home last summer when they were reassigned for a few additional months.  All members returned from this tour in October, without a single loss of life while in country.

81 returning members of the 655th Regional Support Group 167th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion in Londonderry, New Hampshire - Click for larger image

No bus, no line of screaming family and community members lining Bob Lincoln Way this time.  As the men and woman of the 167th arrived they did pass under the giant American Flag compliments of the Londonderry Fire Department.   Past service members lined the lobby with flags as friends and family entered for the ceremony at 10am Sunday January 24th.

About half the group were on a second or third tour overseas.  Originally arriving home in the fall this ceremony was a bit different as the speakers were not between loved ones and the service men and women after months apart for a change.

While  it would appear that condition would cause the welcome home, thanks and speeches to go on forever.  The presentations passed by quickly.  Personal commitments were made to help find jobs for those that do not have them from several speakers.  Governor Lynch of course offered his departments and staff to be there for anything needed, he gave a personal commitment to call on him directly should any of the 81 returning members of the 655th Regional Support Group 167th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion need assistance.

View all the action including the presentation of a very special flag for all members of the 167th that have been on two or more tours.  The entire time the unit was serving overseas they never did fly the American Flag.  For a full screen display of this slide show visit our Londonderry Darkroom.

For a complete list of every Soldier mobilized of the 167th CSSB for this mission and the History of the 167th read the rest of the story.

Mobilized Soldiers of the 167th CSSB

L TC Gavin Heater (CDR)

LTC Shauna Hauser (XO)

CSM Jeffrey Morse

CPT Joseph Knowlton (HHC CDR)

1SG Alan Jerauld

CHAPLAIN (CPT) Antonio Garcia Mendez

MAJ Dale Coparanis

MAJ Dean Florence

MAJ Lee Green

CPT Yvette Alley

CPT Elias Pierson

CPT Matthew Rousseau

CPT Laura Wittig

1LT Nich olaus Bergeron

1LT David Jemott

1LT So Hyun Song

CW2 Denys Vasquez
MSG Michael Gifford
MSG Rowan Hill
MSG Kathleen Menard
MSG Karen Sage
MSG Vince Ylitalo
SFC Jason Cotton
SFC Jacqueline DeJesus
SFC Mary-Sue Finnochio
SFC Brian Moss
SFC Herbert Nash
SFC Marty Waybright
SFC Floyd Wilt
SSG Travis Andrade
SSG Jessica Choate
SSG Thomas Collins
SSG Kendrick Colon-Ortiz
SSG Connie Florendo
SSG Wilfredo Flores Jr.
SSG. Joseph Palmieri
SSG Tiffany Quint
SSG Tobias Shea
SSG Sean Shedenhelm
SSG Craig Sweet
SGT Justin Carson
SGT Samuel Didio
SGT Robert Dionne
SGT Scott Doucette
SGT Nicole Duyon
SGT John Fertig
SPC Paul Goodwin
SGT Brian Graveline
SGT Joseph Janczak
SGT Justin Kenney
SGT David Kostik
SGT Kenny Ling
SGT David Marks
SGT Gloria Martinez
SGT Seth McAllister
SGT Kameisha Muir
SGT Bryan Nobile
SGT Bonnie Oulette

SGT Raymond Padgett III

SGT Ryan Poulin

SGT Jesse Rutter
SGT Daniel Sciuto
SGT Richard S’oto-Alvarado
SGT David Tanner Jr.
SGT Shawn Tinsley SPC Danny Hines
SPC Jovani Mojica

SPC Frank Purdy
SPC Ricardo Rivera

SPC Adam Russ
SPC Andrew Swift

SPC John Terrin
SPC Courtney Tweedy
SPC Joshua Vazquez
SPC Jason Wiggin

PFC Miles Wiles

History of the 167th

  • Constituted 24 Nov 1967 in the Army Reserve as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 167th Direct Support Group
  • Activated 31 Jan 1968 at Concord, New Hampshire
  • Reorganized and re-designated 26 Mar 1970 as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 167th Corps Support Group
  • Relocated 3 Feb 1975 to Manchester, New Hampshire Relocated 15 Apr 1999 to Londonderry, New Hampshire Mobilized 8 Dec 2003 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Re-missioned 18 Dec 2004 to Kuwait to redeploy the 13th COSCOM and deploy the 1 st COSCOM
  • First Campaign Star for Transition of Iraq Campaign Second Campaign Star for Iraqi Governance Campaign Demobilized 4 Apr 2005
  • Received Meritorious Unit Citation 10 Oct 2007
  • Re-organized and Re-designated 16 Sep 2006 as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 167th Combat Sustainment Support
  • Battalion
  • Received mobilization orders 14 May 2008
  • Mobilized 25 Oct 2008 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Deployed 23 Dec 2008 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom to Contingency Operating Base Adder, Tallil Iraq
  • Re-Missioned 15 Jul 2009 to Convoy Support Center, Scania Iraq Demobilized 25 Oct 2009

Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 167th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion in front of the Ziggurat of UR, COB Adder, Tallil, Iraq


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