MooreMart Provides “Moore” Than Supplies to Soldiers

Four years ago, MooreMart began when Paul Moore and Carole Moore Biggio decided to send their brother and his fellow soldiers supplies that were unavailable but much needed. Since then, they have continued to send the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan the supplies that are still in high demand. From financial donations from the community, items like socks, granola bars, Christmas items, Easter treats, and encouraging notes have been delivered to the soldiers from New Hampshire who are actively serving overseas. The brother-sister team was dubbed MooreMart because they were said to “carry more supplies than Wal*Mart”.

More recently, MooreMart has expanded their donation quest to include supplies for the underprivileged children living in Iraq and Afghanistan. The children need items like school supplies, toys and outerwear. The main focus of their donations are the villages where the children’s schools either never existed or were destroyed.

Children such as these benefit from the donations made to MooreMart.

MooreMart has been nationally recognized by both members of the Armed Forces, as well as American political figures. Commendations have been received throughout the years that MooreMart has been providing it’s services. US Senator John E. Sununu wrote, “I am pleased to express my thanks and appreciation to all you and the Moore*Mart volunteers……Moore*Mart further showcases the important tradition New Hampshire has played in our country’s military….”. Soldiers have responded with many thanks, like this one from “Alton”, “You guys rock!!! I send thoughts of heartfelt joy, happiness…….. I wish you could be here just for a moment at mail call, to see the gleam, appreciation, and pride in the eyes of the soldiers here…..”.

Within the next 18 months, over 1700 men and women will be deployed from the New Hampshire National Guard, Reserves and Active Duty Personnel. Over 100 Marines from New Hampshire will be joining them.

MooreMart is hosting a breakfast to salute the members of the United States Armed Forces that have already served in the Middle East. On March 10th, at 7 AM, the doors to the Grappone Center in Concord, NH will open to members of the community who would like to show their support. The breakfast will begin at 7:30 AM and will commence around 9 AM. The breakfast will also help raise awareness of deployments, as the 2010-2011 deployment will be the largest from New Hampshire in the state’s history.

A minimum donation of $25 per person is expected, but more is highly appreciated. There are hopes that all 25 tables of the breakfast will be filled, with a total of 10 people per table. Groups are encouraged to pool their money and reserve their own table. If a group would like to donate to the breakfast, arrangements could be made concerning seating at the table and the table location. The benefactor of the donation would then receive 9 tickets; the tenth ticket would go to an active duty soldier or marine, who would be free. The benefactor would also be recognized for the donation.

Breakfast Event March 10th 7am

If you have questions about making a donation or attending the breakfast, feel free to contact MooreMart at:

Carole Moore:
Deb Bohannan:
Paul Moore:

Or write to them at:

P.O. Box 1604
Nashua, NH 03061

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