The History of Sunnycrest Farm

Sam Fay of Sunnycrest Farms, at the front counter July 22nd 2007In the year 1943 back when Londonderry was still a small town full of farms and only half of High Range Road. was paved, Al Conner bought and established Sunnycrest Farm with about 60 acres of farm land. A well loved teacher, his plan for the farm was to uses it as a source of income during the summer months when school was not in session. He tried to grow and sell everything from celery to peanuts. Throughout the years Sunnycrest farm grew to over 200 acres and found its niche in the apple growing business. Al passed the farm down to his son John and John’s wife Nancy, and Al’s daughter Gretchen and her husband Daniel Hicks Jr.

Did you know?

Al’s spirit is said to still be wandering the farm in mysterious wafts of pipe tobacco and other strange unexplained occurrences on the farm.

Today Sunnycrest Farm has been passed down to the third generation owner, Daniel Hicks III and has returned to its diverse selection of produce and original 60 acres of land. All of the land has been protected as farmland under a conservation easement. Al began a legacy that goes on, bringing the community new crops of fresh fruits and vegetables every year.

You may have lived by this orchard all your life, you may have moved here just a short time ago.  You could even be one of our visitors that discovered we have more than one farm in Londonderry!  Today no matter how you know this orchard, even if driving by on a shortcut to the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, you have a chance to see it from a whole new vantage point.

Join us on the flight of Sunnycrest farm, this slide show is fully annotated to tell the story of all the details of this priceless farm.  Just one of the jewels of the five Londonderry Farms.

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You can even order a print suitable for framing in several sizes to show family and friends that Londonderry it is true…  “Business is Good. Life is Better!”


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