Fresh New England Peaches!

Not exactly down south but Londonderry Peaches are just as sweet and just as abundant as they are in Georgia this year!  Located in southern New Hampshire just minutes from Massachusetts you can select your peaches from the display at our farm stands or from the tree!  The heavy rains early this summer have brought these well cared for fruit to a big plump fuzzy state.  Careful when you you pick, you don’t want the fruit to end up on the ground under the tree, although the local ant’s wouldn’t mind!

Three orchards in town offer peaches, Sunnycrest located in the central west side of town on High Range Road, Mack’s Apples located in the center of town on route 128 (Mammoth Road to the locals) has a Peach U-Pick at the U-Pick 3 located near the Grange 44 on Pillsbury Road.  Plus Merrill Farm just north of the village on Mammoth Road always has peaches out at the stand this time of year.  Self serve during the week, full service on the weekend.

It’s hard to focus on the New Hampshire Peaches with all the other fruits and vegetables available this time of year especially on a holiday weekend!  But we must!  In past years we got to them a little to late and many were left on the trees or fell to the ground creating food for the critters or the base of a soft green moss carpet under the trees.  This year we want our friends from central New England to enjoy this fruit so sweet they blush!  If you are in Manchester, Derry, Hudson, Litchfield, Auburn, Salem or Nashua Peaches are ripe and ready in Londonderry, New Hampshire and the peaches are just one half hour from home!

Oh yes!  Like to see some interesting peaches?  Check out our darkroom we have shot some on the tree, icky, sticky and well…  A bit odd in shape! This one makes it look like the tree is winding up to throw one right at us if we walk by without considering this early fall fruit.

Like the trees in the Wizard of Oz, this peach tree is about ready to pitch this peach in your direction!

Like the trees in the Wizard of Oz, this peach tree is about ready to pitch this peach in your direction! What did you see in the Londonderry Orchards this weekend?


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